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With the SAP HCM packages from HR Campus, you create a solid foundation for your central operational HR-management processes. Choose between numerous core functionalities that allow your salary and personnel administration, time management, personnel-cost planning and pension fund to take flight.


  • Packages preconfigured for Switzerland and Lichtenstein
  • Innovative, modern and professional HR
  • Continuous development of the Swiss specifics for SAP HCM
  • Predefined integration with SAP SuccessFactors talent-management modules

SAP HCM is a proven foundation for human-resources management. SAP HCM provides operational and strategic solutions for your operational HR processes, from organizational management and upkeep of personnel master data, through time management, to salary accounting and pension-fund administration.

SAP HCM packages from HR Campus are preconfigured for Switzerland and Liechtenstein and undergoing constant further development. Optimize your HR core processes and count on the capabilities of SAP HCM – for an innovative, modern and professional HR department.

SAP HCM Salary and personnel administration/organizational management

HR easy to go swiss+

The operational processes related to salary administration are the core of your personnel management and require reliable, proven and stable solutions. This is why we rely 100% on SAP HCM and HR Campus's own HR easy to go swiss+ SAP starter package to guarantee you maximum security and reliability. For major customers as well as for SMEs or Swiss branches of international corporations.

HR easy to go swiss+ is specifically tailored to small and medium-sized enterprises, enabling a quick and cost-effective entry into salary administration. With HR easy to go swiss+, you have a preconfigured SAP HCM solution for personnel administration and accounting in Switzerland. In addition to the administration and modification of all personnel data, the solution facilitates the convenient processing of the activities subsequent to the payroll processing, such as the payment run or the creation of the wage certificate for old-age pension insurance. Freely configurable evaluations round off the package perfectly. Swissdec certification guarantees a legally compliant calculation of all social-insurance components (old-age pension insurance, unemployment insurance, etc.) as well as the correctness of the evaluations produced.

Payroll Liechtenstein

Payroll Liechtenstein has been specially developed for the needs of Liechtenstein companies and allows the joint calculation of Liechtenstein and Swiss social insurance in one set of calculations.

Our Payroll Liechtenstein solution allows you not only to produce legally compliant payroll accounts under Liechtenstein law, but also to calculate Liechtenstein and Swiss social-insurance accounts jointly in a single run.

Evaluations that are mandatory for Liechtenstein, such as entry/exit statistics for the Office of National Economy and the numbers of employees by foreigner category for the immigration authority are an integral part of the package.

SAP Payroll Control Center

The SAP Payroll Control Center module makes for simplified, structured and stress-free payroll. Predefined auditing and control rules guarantee a secure data check. A modern user interface guides you through the payroll run process. With our Swiss configuration, we offer you the best practice solution for your SAP Payroll – customisable to your requirements.

SAP HCM Time management

HR easy time swiss+

Time recording is a must for Swiss companies.  As a SAP customer, there are various solution approaches at your disposal, and even the decision on the strategically correct approach, tailored to your company, requires expert advice.

The systematic recording of working hours is clearly anchored in the Swiss Working Hours Act, and in January 2014, the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) issued a directive under which failure to comply can result in fines or even imprisonment.

HR easy time swiss+ is specifically tailored to small and medium-sized enterprises, enabling a quick and cost-effective entry into personnel time management in SAP.

From attendances and absences through financial evaluation of the holidays, flexitime and over-time balances for accrued liabilities to the automatic generation of shift allowances and their provision for payroll accounting, this starter covers all requirements for modern attendance-time management.

From simple absentee detection to comprehensive attendance logging, SAP time management offers you a wide range of functions that can be used as appropriate for the target group:

  • Recording of applications for leave and their approval
  • Recording of vacation- or illness-related absences
  • Detailed clocking-in/clocking-out logging, taking into account work schedules
  • Recording of working hours
  • Detailed attendance recording
  • Internal service invoicing

New time management technologies also offer a revised view. SAP Fiori can supplement time management with an intuitive, user-friendly interface. It is very easy to record holiday applications, working hours and benefits on a mobile device, and download time records or payslips to your mobile phone.

Our team of consultants know the key trends and developments in the field of mobile scenarios and can advise you on selecting the right solution.

SAP HCM Pension fund

PK swiss+

Do you want to implement your pension-fund solution quickly and with the highest quality without reinventing the wheel? PK swiss+ makes it possible. PK swiss+ is based on experience from numerous customer projects and best practices.

For your pension-fund administration, you are looking for a modern solution that gives you flexibility in catering for your regulations on one hand, and on the other gives you security in all legal questions related to Swiss occupational pensions law. In your daily work with the administration of policyholders, you need processes that are easy to handle and at the same time reliable.

The simple implementation of payment forecasts and the ability to produce simulations, such as in response to individual enquiries from your policyholders, are further requirements that must be possible to fulfil without technical acrobatics.

In PK swiss+, you are opting for a preconfigured SAP pension-fund solution for contribution premiums based on existing predefined regulations, processes and forms.

PK swiss+ resulted from the long-standing collaboration of the consulting houses HRS Informatik and HR Campus, with the aim of standardizing their joint experience in the introduction of the SAP pension-fund solution and thus making it available to a large customer base.

1. Administration of active policy holders

  • Flexibly catering for all pension-fund regulations (executive funds, individual accounts, etc.)
  • Predefined procedures, simple processing of people joining/leaving the company, disability and death, purchases, advance withdrawals and repayments, retirements
  • Swiss Federal Tax Administration (ESTV) tax forms for home-ownership assistance (WEF) and home-ownership assistance repayment (WEF-RZ), “MELAP 563” capital reporting (XML for Snapviewer)
  • Integration into endowment accounting, personnel administration and payroll accounting
  • Evaluations such as applicant offers, insurance balance sheets, SIFO accounting, portfolio lists and statistics

2. Administration of pensioners (pension fund)

  • Further endowment of retirement-savings capital for partially invalid people with no lifetime invalidity pension
  • ESTV tax form MELAP 565 for retirement notification (XML for Snapviewer)
  • Pay-outs of a wide range of pension types
  • Life certification
  • Integration into endowment accounting
  • Evaluations such as insurance balance sheets, portfolio lists and statistics

3. Automated archiving of documents including bulk archiving

4. Flexible and customizable process control with dashboard and integration into the SAP process

SAP HCM Personnel-cost planning

HR easy PKP swiss+

Use SAP personnel-cost planning to optimize your entire planning process, taking into account payroll information, centres, permanent posts and organizational units. We can provide you with best practices as well as our project methodology for a fast start-up.

The future headcount and personnel costs are a major factor in company budgets. This makes the qualified planning, control and checking of personnel costs all the more important. SAP personnel-cost planning optimizes the entire planning process, taking into account salary-relevant information about persons, centres, permanent posts and organizational units.

This permits the flexible simulation of future headcount changes, planned salary rounds and other cost increases. Once a personnel-cost plan has been created, it can still be flexibly adapted in a fine-tuning phase, to include line managers, for example, before finally being sent to the controlling department.

Freely definable, one-off cost plans or rolling forecasts can be flexibly created and managed.

Contents of HR easy PKP swiss+:

  • Preconfigured cost components and symbolic accounts (based on the SAP HR easy to go swiss+ wage-type concept)
  • Basic customization of SAP personnel-cost planning and SAP contingency planning
  • Definition of data-collection methods for monthly and hourly paid workers
  • Comprehensive technical concept
  • User documentation

SAP HCM Add-ons

In addition to our SAP HCM packages, we can provide proven and powerful add-ons that are tailored to the needs of Swiss companies. You can use them to optimize your reporting, create an anonymized test landscape or send electronic payroll accounts from your SAP HCM system.

Do you have any questions?

Beat Jauch looks forward to hearing from you and will be happy to answer your questions.


  • Packages preconfigured for Switzerland and Lichtenstein
  • Innovative, modern and professional HR
  • Continuous development of the Swiss specifics for SAP HCM
  • Predefined integration with SAP SuccessFactors talent-management modules

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