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Net wage compensation QST

Net wage compensation QST

Correct net wage compensation for expatriates

Net wage compensation QST

Are you a multinational company with net salary agreements for expatriates and people on international assignments? Are you also looking for a solution whereby your SAP HCM system can cleanly pay salaries net of tax withheld at source?

The smart add-on as a solution

QST net wage compensation is the smart SAP HCM add-on that performs precisely this task to perfection. With QST net wage compensation you can be sure that your international employees receive the contractually agreed amount exactly, without having to perform mathematical cartwheels.  

QST net wage compensation is also a smart tool for employees who are regularly employed in Switzerland and subject to tax withheld at source when it comes to the exact calculation of net agreed loyalty bonuses or other net payments. 

QST net wage compensation is an SAP Payroll add-on and can be easily integrated into your SAP HCM system.


  • Time saving in the administration of international employees
  • Reduction of external support for processing net salary compensation
  • Automated correct calculation
  • Reduction of errors
  • No internal expertise in the calculation logic for compensation required

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