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SAP–UKA Interface

SAP–UKA Interface

Automation of accident and absence reporting

SAP–UKA Interface

Many SAP HCM customers rely on UKA solutions, the tried-and-tested solution from HRM Systems for large enterprises, to handle accident and absence reporting. Thanks to its Web-based data entry, UKA is suitable for both centralized and distributed applications.

Electronic transmission

UKA makes it easy to compile and electronically transmit claims for accident and sick-pay insurance, as well as for statutory maternity insurance. 

However, the absence has to be entered correctly not only in UKA, but also in SAP HCM, and this data is often redundantly updated.

The Campus-UKA solutions interface provides a solution here. You only enter master and absence data once – in SAP HCM. From there, the relevant master and absence data is periodically transmitted to UKA solutions. This not only reduces the effort involved in data entry, but also especially increases the consistency of your data and avoids errors.

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  • Flexible and parametrizable data delivery from SAP to UKA Solutions
  • Higher data quality
  • No more redundant data collection

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