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Our HR strategy consultancy provides HR software tools, advice and employees

HR Strategies

Personnel departments are now facing a double challenge: they have to demonstrate their contribution to strategic corporate objectives, and they are required to reduce their costs. Both can only be achieved if HR pursues a clear strategy with measurable objectives. As a strategy consultant, we choose this path with you and accompany you to the destination – the realization of your vision.

Current challenges in HR

The strategic challenges in HR are varied. The following topics are typical for the current routine of an HR manager:

  • Continuous adaptation of the HR strategy to the company strategy – under the critical gaze of the management
  • Presenting the company as an attractive employer
  • Orienting HR strategy to the digital transformation
  • Recruitment of skilled workers and qualified management personnel

Strategy consultancy à la HR Campus

Our approach to strategy consulting covers all aspects of human-resources management, from the creation of a personnel strategy through the reorganization of the value-added HR processes (procurement, development, management, remuneration) to the optimization of the administrative processes (salary, master data, time management).

  • To create your HR strategy, we use tools that are easy to understand and always focus on the customer: You, your employees and your company.
  • We focus on HR controlling, aiming to give your senior management a transparent view of your added value and the value of your human capital.
  • We do not consider your HR strategy in isolation, but include your company culture and your IT strategy in the analysis.
  • We question existing processes and track down processes that are unused or circumvented, as well as shadow processes. In doing so, we also put your HR-IT systems and their interfaces with HR processes under the microscope.
  • We accompany you in the implementation of your strategy, the continuous review of success and the adjustment to modified challenges or results from the implementation.

Our HR strategies offers

HR strategy

Measurable HR-strategy consulting


HR/IT strategy

Your roadmap for the next 3–5 years


HR process analysis

Your HR processes on the test bench


HR compliance check

We give your HR a thorough check-up


HR is part of our DNA!

That is why HR Campus is the ideal partner for developing and implementing your HR strategy:

  • We know every aspect of HR.
  • We understand the needs of every customer.
  • We have excellent antennas for social trends.
  • We can distinguish a relevant trend from a flash in the pan.

HR Campus takes you – our customers – seriously with your worries and concerns:

  • We listen to our customers and communicate clearly.
  • We accompany and guide our customers to success.
  • We accompany our customers through thick and thin.

HR Campus provides consulting, software, services and the best employees:

  • We provide the highest level of support and service.
  • We have experience with companies of all sectors and sizes.
  • We know the needs, concerns and challenges of national and global companies.
  • We speak your language.

The 7 advantages for HR professionals

Clarity creates trust:
With a clear strategy, you give your employees security and create confidence in your company.

Courage to change:
A clear strategy creates awareness for change. It prepares your employees for upcoming challenges in a targeted manner and actively accompanies them by means of adequate change management.

Sharing knowledge:
The HR function provides employees with suitable tools and processes for cooperation, exchange of experience and further training.

Management support:
The HR function supports managers in changing the leadership, assessment and support of employees.

Strategy made easy:
The HR strategy supports the implementation of the company strategy.

A basis for success: 
A coherent HR strategy ensures that employees make an active contribution to the company's success. Thus, orienting the company towards the future is not only top-down, it is also possible to start from at the base.

Off to new horizons: 
HR strategy permits and accelerates cultural change within the company. 

«You can only understand where the challenges lie by listening to the customer. The art is to gain a holistic picture and to use it to develop sustainable, long-term strategies.»

Marek Dutkiewicz

HR Campus

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A place where effective HR is born

HR Vision center

Far away from the hectic everyday life, it is not only easier to visualize, but also to work in a more focused way. The HR Vision Center in the Swiss mountains offers the perfect environment to gain vision, work intensively on projects or strengthen your own team.

HR Project Days
You want to carry out your projects efficiently and successfully? Use the peace and quiet of the mountains to start HR projects productively or to carry out intensive project work and testings.

HR Strategy Days
Are you looking for an idyllic place to develop new visions? Withdraw with your team to the Hotel Madrisajoch to gain distance, time and new perspectives. Dare to dream.

HR Team Days
Are you planning a team training for your HR department? At the Hotel Madrisajoch you can hold your individual team event, seminar or workation.

HR Strategy contact

Would you like to find out more about our HR strategy offers? Or do you already have a clear idea of what you need? Christiane Wäger will be happy to provide you with information or to come by.

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