SAP HCM Forward: Upgrade on schedule

Upgrade on schedule – SAP HCM Forward

Put plans in place now for a painless SAP HCM upgrade. Using our «SAP HCM Forward» preliminary study, we can devise the roadmap for a successful, logical migration together – matched to your system, your future strategy and by 2027 at the latest.

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Why a preliminary study?

If you use SAP HCM on-premise, you will have to upgrade to S/4HANA by 2027 or alternatively switch to the SAP SuccessFactors cloud solution. Which option seems best depends on your initial circumstances and your future strategy.

That is why we recommend a customised procedure: we plan your switch step by step using the «SAP HCM Forward» preliminary study. This way, you can be sure that your daily business will not suffer due to the migration. And as every change is also an opportunity, you can use this to clear out legacy items, such as features that are no longer supported or erroneous custom codes.

The best time

Something different makes every business tick. That's why there is no general recommendation. Starting from your individual scenario, the outlook is as follows:

  • Your SAP HCM is not yet on the HANA database? Regular maintenance is guaranteed to 2027.
  • You are not intending to migrate to S/4HANA before 2027? It is possible to negotiate a maintenance extension to 2030 at the latest.
  • Do you use the latest on-premise solution, SAP HCM for S/4HANA? Regular maintenance is guaranteed to 2040. Thereafter, you will have to switch to the cloud.
  • Are you ready to move to an innovative, cloud-based HR solution? SAP SuccessFactors is a reliable way forward without end of life.

6 steps to a decision

The preliminary study comprises 6 steps. This provides you with a robust decision-making basis for the migration of your SAP HCM and ensures that no aspect – be it technical, strategic or economic – is overlooked.

1. SAP HR strategie

The future of SAP is based on state-of-the-art cloud technology. What does this mean for you as a SAP HCM on-premise user? We present the current SAP product strategy (cloud and on-premise) to you and address your initial situation. Prior to this, you answer a few questions and we highlight which way makes sense and what the timeframe looks like.

Goal:You are familiar with SAP's HR product strategy and are aware of your options for action as a SAP customer.

2. HR Health Check

The SAP transformation introduces profound changes to your HR system landscape. We use our popular HR Health Check to take a look at SAP-critical processes. For your part, you evaluate the quality of your HR processes and your digitalisation status. We then examine your employee life cycle and identify the need for action in your HR during a joint workshop.

Goal:You know where there is a need for action in your HR and how to set your priorities.

3. HR IT architektur

We check a modernisation of the existing interfaces so that nothing is left out of your new system landscape. We take a look behind the scenes and analyse your current HR IT architecture, plus interfaces to relevant peripheral systems. We then build on this to define your new architecture with a future-proof SAP set-up.

Goal:Your new HR IT architecture has been established with the focus on a future-proof SAP HR system.

4. SAP Readiness Check ®

The official SAP Readiness Check ® reveals any stumbling blocks before you embark on S/4HANA migration. It is not always possible to adopt all the familiar functions or proprietary custom codes into the new technology unreservedly. So that the project does not spring any nasty surprises, we interpret the check results and recommend specific actions concerning the critical points.

Goal:Technical implementability of your SAP transformation is clarified.

5. The way to the goal

We have identified your goal. Now, it's about planning how to get there. We draw up a roadmap and estimate the cost of your SAP transformation project. This gives planning assurance and you can prepare your resources accordingly.

Goal:The scope, roadmap and cost of your SAP HR transformation have been defined.

6. Presentation of the results – let's go!

HR Campus presents your team with the preliminary study findings, including the roadmap. We prepare this appropriately for the target group and ensure that all the relevant parties are behind the plan. This means there is nothing left to get in the way of your project and you can make a start.

Goal: All stakeholders are onboard and the project is able to start.

SAP and HR Campus

For many years, HR Campus has been a SAP Gold Partner and leading implementation partner for SAP SuccessFactors and SAP Concur. We are all pulling together and directing our attention to consistent development of the Swiss specifics for SAP HCM and HXM, as well as continuously endeavouring to obtain the best possible HR solutions for businesses in Switzerland and the Principality of Luxembourg.

How you benefit

After the preliminary study, you are prepared for the migration of your SAP HCM. You know how best to approach the project and the costs you should expect. In the process, you obtain:

  • An up-to-date overview of SAP HCM release planning with your options for action
  • Complete positioning of your HR, prioritising the need for action
  • An overview of the desired HR IT architecture
  • Analysis of the results of the SAP Readiness Check ® with recommended actions
  • A customised roadmap for your migration, with cost estimate
  • A compact, clear concluding presentation

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Are you interested in our SAP HCM Forward offer? Or perhaps you already have a clear idea of how we can support you? Tobias Mecke looks forward to hearing from you. 

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