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Audit and Compliance Tool

Audit and Compliance Tool

Guarantee of HR data quality and auditing

Audit and Compliance Tool

Increasing complexity and changing legal compliance requirements demand greater transparency of companies. This also requires new approaches in dealing with personnel data and HR processes. Data quality, consistency and security must be demonstrably ensured.

High data quality guaranteed

It is obvious that HR data is highly sensitive, and that not only data quality and plausibility, but also the security of systems form the essential basis for professional HR work. But how can this be guaranteed in everyday work in a simple and pragmatic manner?

This is precisely the job of the Audit and Compliance Tool! This powerful tool enables HR and IT departments to keep personnel data consistently at a very high level and thus optimize their personnel systems in a sustained manner. Plausibility checks are possible without any programming costs or manual work, so you not only increase quality, but also lower costs. The Audit & Compliance Tool standardizes and automates regular system testing – previously associated with a major manual analysis effort – by examining master data, organizational data and accounting data. It gives you a high degree of flexibility, data quality, security and transparency.

With the Audit & Compliance Tool, you can be sure that your SAP HCM system is secure. But can you say the same about your HR organization and HR processes? An HR compliance check can provide valuable information on this and give you the good feeling that your HR is really on a healthy footing.

Features of audit and compliance software

The software enables you to review the following processes:

SAP™ ERP HCM Master Data HR master data is the heart of your HR department. Incomplete or incorrect information can cause errors in payroll accounting and time assessment.

TheAuditor helps you with the reliable checking of master data and guarantees integrity in the following areas:

1. Incorrect or incomplete data

Can you check whether your data is complete and up to date? Has an employee who has left the company actually been removed from the accounting system?

2. Duplications

Can you check whether two or more employees are “sharing” bank details or old-age pension insurance numbers that should really be unique?

3. Links

Can you ensure that a work permit is still valid? Do the system-generated wage types adequately reflect the contract status and conditions? For example, does the information about wage types correspond to the current employee status (maternity leave, time-limited or perpetual contract)?

More security for salary accounting

Payroll-accounting processes are highly sensitive and time critical: undetected errors can cause great damage and become very costly.

1. Post-payroll checks

After settlement, you can compare pay amounts for different categories with the results tables for the current month, identify exceeded thresholds and also make annual plan comparisons based on the cumulative values.

Travel costs and other expenses

TheAuditor makes child's play of the complicated checking of travel costs and expenses.

1. Checking of receipts

Does the total hospitality cost exceed the amounts granted to the employee for a given period?

2. Travel information

Does the distance specified between the workplace or private residence and the destination correspond to the approved transport routes?

3. Links

Is a certain cost type, such as hospitality, approved for the status of the employee in question? Are there receipts from absence periods? Do mileage allowances only apply to employees without a company car?

SAP users and system management

A secure system is the result of an error-free setup and periodic checking of parameters and access rights. TheAuditor greatly simplifies this time-consuming and complex task.

1. Password regulation

How often do passwords need to be renewed? What criteria do the passwords have to meet?

2. Critical permissions

How often has the password been changed? How many users are blocked due to missing data? What is the minimum length of a password?

3. Separation of responsibility

Can you guarantee that a wage-administration employee is never entitled to modify his/her own data? Can you ensure that a payroll accountant can never simultaneously approve working-time data and salary payments?

TheAuditor summarizes the results of audits in concise, clearly structured audit reports and, where possible, makes recommendations as to which changes or corrections need to be made. Furthermore, system details such as the SAP release and patch level are also available.


  • Reliable and consistent organizational data for all permanent posts
  • Inclusion of customer-specific objects and links
  • Continuous quality assurance thanks to a library with auditing rules
  • Optimization of system and profile parameters for the analysis of security
  • Guaranteed integrity of salary data by auditing
  • SAP integration for greater security and up-to-date results
  • Modular, comprehensive and user-friendly tool

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