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e-payslip swiss+

e-payslip swiss+

Get your payroll electronically under way

e-payslip swiss+

Payslips are often sent out by conventional mail, resulting in high costs and postage as well as a greater administrative effort. In many cases, employees on monthly pay even receive an identical piece of paper every month.

e-Payslip as a solution

swiss+ e-Payslip definitively makes paper mailing a thing of the past.  From SAP HCM, you can easily send one or more PDF documents via email.

Employee-friendly, flexible and cost-effective, and just as secure as a registered letter. IncaMail, the Swiss Post's professional solution for secure email transmission, makes for encrypted and password-protected transmission. Of course, sending and receipt are always transparent and completely traceable in SAP HCM.

Not only payroll accounting, but also time records, wage statements and personnel master-data sheets can be sent to employees in a simple and personal manner via this route.

IncaMail version

  • Patented solution from Swiss Post
  • Secure and verifiable sending of emails
  • Encrypted and password protected
  • Companies can send wage documents directly to the private email addresses of their employees.
  • Easy implementation in existing business software
  • Time-consuming work steps are no longer required, saving companies time and money.
  • Worldwide-applicable solution

Docsafe version

  • Cloud data storage from Swisscom
  • Private users can store their documents (e.g., invoices, contracts and documents for tax declarations) in a central location, similar to Dropbox, instead of storing them on paper in various folders.
  • Use of Docsafe means documents are easily accessible, securely stored and accessible from anywhere via mobile phone, tablet or computer
  • The data is stored in encrypted form in Switzerland.
  • Companies can send their employees documents relevant to them (such as payroll accounts and wage statements) in Docsafe and make them available to them in this secure data space.
  • This gives private customers access to all the important documents from their employers as well as from tax authorities, electricity, and furniture stores, etc., in one central location

Of course, the dispatch of the payroll statements is encrypted in both versions, and their delivery is always transparent and completely traceable in SAP HCM. The benefits are obvious. You save paper, postage and valuable time. Your employees and our environment will thank you.

Your e-payslip swiss+ Specialist


  • Saving of paper and postage costs
  • Integration into SAP HCM
  • Adjustable communication language
  • Patented SAFE technology
  • Approved by the Swiss Confederation
  • Worldwide accessibility

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