External Workforce Management

External Workforce Management

Professional cooperation with external workforce

Nowadays, we are facing new challenges like flexibility and mobility in all areas of life – even in the employment market. The trend shows that modern employees want to work for several employers at the same time as well as to avoid permanent contracts. A few years ago, companies selected employees; now, more and more employees are choosing their employers. In addition, key terms such as “dataism”, “digitisation”, “skill shifting” and “working nomads” play an important role and reinforce the need for transparency and compliance. The balance between human and work is changing, and new ways of working are required.

The challenges in external workforce management

Globalization, demographic change and the shortage of skilled workers demand a high degree of flexibility of companies and employees. This flexibility can be achieved by a successful management of external resources. Colleagues are no longer seen merely as employees, they are strategic sucess factors who need to contribute “added value”. The modern HR department is therefore required to treat employees and external experts as clients, to support them professionally, and thus to create positive so-called “employee and user experiences”. The requirements placed on the employers are compounded by cost pressure, transparency, and compliance requirements. On the other hand, there is the entire workforce – colleagues and external experts – with their desire for flexibility, work–life balance and meaningfulness of their work.

Why smart external workforce management makes your external employees happier...

Thanks to uniform and clear responsibilities, the number of contact persons is reduced in administrative terms.

Uniform processes and structures provide for transparency and create trust.

The employee benefits from transparent communication and pay settlement.

The use of modern technology increases flexibility and reduces the workload – smart working is guaranteed.

The tasks and responsibilities between clients, employers and specialists are clarified.

Employees enjoy a positive employee and user experience.

...and your business more successful:

Clear headcounts and finances facilitate transparent analysis.

You benefit from higher flexibility in staffing shortages.

The external workforce management is process and cost optimized.

Cycle times can be shortened through process control.

A convincing employer-branding strategy increases the attractiveness of the company and attracts key talented people.

External Workforce Management Strategies

As experts with hands-on experience in the future topic of total workforce management, we will be happy to advise you on topics such as:

  • Strategy and implementation concepts – defining, developing and implementing the right total-workforce-management strategy for your company
  • Process consulting – ensuring efficient processes of external workforce management 
  • Supplier management – design and optimization of your collaboration with, for example, HR consulting firms, recruitment partners, temporary-employment agencies and service providers
  • Skill shifting – ensuring that the skills required the day after tomorrow are developed and acquired in a timely manner
  • Cultural fit – internal and external employees experience “one culture”
  • Change management – firmly establishing external workforce management in the company
  • Employer branding – making you attractive to external employees

Inspiration meeting

In the HR inspiration meeting, we talk with you for 60 minutes about your HR strategy: we will listen to you, dream up new opportunities and give you honest feedback - free of charge.

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External Workforce Management Software

The right software for the vendor-management system simplifies the acquisition and management of external resources considerably and reduces costs. HR Campus has the right HR software product ready for you, and its advantages include the following:

  • High transparency due to process standardization
  • Direct transparency of costs
  • Compliance in procurement
  • Risk minimization
  • Clear provider-management platform 
  • Efficient and qualitative service procurement
  • Flexible workflows
  • Very user friendly
  • Cloud technology
  • Mobile app
SAP Fieldglass

SAP Fieldglass

Procurement and administration of external employees and services


Beeline Resource Tracking

Beeline Resource Tracking

Streamlined software for your External Workforce management


Need more support? Yes please!

Should you desire more support than single software products can provide: HR Campus is happy to provide more comprehensive support for your HR department. And exactly where it makes sense for you.

Either with our comprehensive HR Campus Suite. Or by means of real manpower: You can outsource individual HR tasks to us (HR Services) or hire experienced temporary HR specialists from us (HR People). The choice is yours:

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