HR Analytics

HR Analytics

Use systematic analysis to make successful decisions

Meaningful analyses make a major contribution to increasing the cost-effectiveness of companies. The definition of the correct key performance indicators (KPIs) and their evaluation and interpretation provide an important basis for making decisions. This enables HR to optimize its contribution to successful company development through targeted measures.

The challenges in HR Analytics

The data trails employees leave behind them are increasingly valuable, and there is great potential in their correct use. HR can prove its worth to a company by using key performance indicators to demonstrate the added value it contributes to the company’s success. However, a successful deployment of HR analytics requires not only intelligent data acquisition systems, but also the methodological skills of HR managers and in-depth business expertise.

The challenge is not only to define the correct key performance indicators, to interpret them meaningfully and to derive targeted measures from them: at the same time, the data management – collection, keeping and deletion – must be designed in accordance with the law. It must also take account of new privacy regulations, such as the GDPR. 

The complexity of today’s HR processes is great, as is the variety of strategic fields of action. The analysis of HR data makes it possible to optimize decision-making processes and increase HR performance.

Why good HR Analytics
makes your employees happier...

Data-based decisions lead to greater transparency and traceability for employees and thus to greater satisfaction.

They feel safe when they know that the company knows where it is, what objectives it is pursuing and where the journey should be heading.

Employee potentials are discovered and nurtured in a targeted manner. This makes qualified personnel development possible.

...and your company more successful:

The data-based definition of corporate strategies and optimization of decision-making processes reduce the risk of making the wrong decisions.

HR areas that require action can be seen at a glance. In this way, targeted measures can be initiated, and HR processes can be optimized.

The analysis of cost factors and any reductions are transparent, and the costs are traceable.

Forward-looking analyses make it possible to remain competitive.

HR Analytics strategies

HR Campus pursues a holistic approach to consulting in order to make your HR analytics successful:

  1. The first step is a comprehensive analysis. In the context of HR analytics, the organization, processes and the existing tools are examined.
  2. In a second step, common goals are identified, and suitable key indicators are defined with a view to your corporate strategy.
  3. We offer support in interpreting the data so that you do not lose yourself in the data jungle.
  4. Based on this survey and evaluation, we determine the appropriate measures in cooperation with you. At the same time, the implementation must be suited to your industry, company structure, processes, strategy and culture.

Inspiration meeting

In the HR inspiration meeting, we talk with you for 60 minutes about your HR strategy: we will listen to you, dream up new opportunities and give you honest feedback - free of charge.

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HR Analytics Software

The correct software makes HR analytics indispensable. HR Campus can provide you with appropriate HR software products including the following advantages:

  • Constantly up to date thanks to real-time reporting
  • Predefined standard reports
  • Error reduction by means of automated data synchronization
  • Mobile app
  • Simple data consolidation from various sources
  • Integration into existing on-premise applications
  • Data-based decision-making


Achieve a positive employee experience with the right questions


Query Manager

Query Manager

Easy SAP HCM and SAP SuccessFactors reporting in real time


SAP Analytics Cloud

SAP Analytics Cloud

Use the right analyses to make smart decisions


Need more support? Yes please!

Should you desire more support than single software products can provide: HR Campus is happy to provide more comprehensive support for your HR department. And exactly where it makes sense for you.

Either with our comprehensive HR Campus Suite. Or by means of real manpower: You can outsource individual HR tasks to us (HR Services) or hire experienced temporary HR specialists from us (HR People). The choice is yours:

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The era of HR analytics has begun

The era of HR analytics has begun

The right analyses enable you to make smart decisions – the right tool makes the process efficient and smart.


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