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Employee services

Employee services

Smooth communication between HR and employees

Employee services are as old as HR itself. Every HR department offers services – even if they are not always perceived as services. No wonder that there is a great deal of potential in optimizing administrative HR processes. Our employee services turn your HR into a perfect service provider for your employees, and your department into an important hub in the company.

Challenges for employee services

If employees are dissatisfied with HR, it is usually for one reason: they are not getting the information they need quickly enough. Lack of efficiency in administration can have a variety of causes: Forms are sent back and forth, responsibilities are not clear, and spontaneous, unschedulable requests are received. Questions can also arrive via various channels, and this increases the administrative effort.

Why employee services
make your employees happier…

Employees know to whom they can send their requests and get the information they need more quickly.

Processes are clearly depicted and employees know how much time HR needs for their individual requests.

…and your company more successful:

The centralization of all HR service processes simplifies communication, coordination and request management.

Stored reporting systems allow the HR department to continually improve its request management.

Digital HR administration simplifies routine HR work. It reduces costs, increases the satisfaction of your HR team and improves internal communication.

A modern HR service architecture is built on flexible roles and responsibilities.

Software for employee services

The right software accelerates your employee services. HR Campus provides you with the right HR software products with benefits that include the following:

  • 100% web based (cloud)
  • Implemented within a few weeks
  • Security certified: SSAE16 SOC2 certification, ISO 27001 certification
  • All activities are subject to the strict European Data-Protection Directive
  • App-like user guidance allows employees to use the solution without training
  • Comprehensive reports and statistics mean you can see where there is still a need for optimization at any time
  • Contents: HR ticketing, HR documents and HR processes
  • Mobile app


The digital HR platform


Services related to employee services

There are many good reasons why you should use our HR services for the success of your business. Here are the most important five:

  • Predictable costs thanks to an annual leasing price (cloud)
  • Cutting-edge technology – no updates required
  • Sensitive HR data is stored safely on our servers
  • Independence of personnel bottlenecks
  • More time for value creation by focusing on your core tasks


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