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SAP HCM data import at the speed of light


We’ve all been there: a large amount of data needs to be imported into SAP HCM. Rapid Entry often fails to meet requirements, manual entry takes too long and is too prone to errors, and even the classic batch-input process fares poorly, because it first has to be programmed and tested.

Hey presto – let SimDia² do the work for you! SimDia² simply provides a bridge between SAP HCM and Excel and can start after a one-off import of the required records.

The integrated record-entry assistant guides you in a goal-oriented and intuitive manner, making the mutual allocation of SAP fields and Excel data a simple matter. In this way, even complex data imports can be prepared in just a few minutes without any programming skills.

Two simple steps get you to the data import. First, you perform a manual record entry with an initial data record. You then run the file and simply continue to use Excel or SAP in the meantime. SimDia² does the work for you.

Your SimDia² Specialist

Jolanda Hess

Jolanda Hess


  • Minimal installation effort
  • Preparation of data imports in the shortest possible time
  • Operable by any SAP user
  • Reuse of records at any time
  • No customizing and adjustments required in SAP HCM
  • Data import with a fun factor

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