Travel and expenses management

Travel and expenses management

We make your travel and expense processes fly with the right software and strategy

Modern travel and expense management ensures that your colleagues can book and pay for travel with minimal effort, that your finance department has global cost transparency and that your risk management team knows where employees are at all times.

Challenges in travel and expense management

Markets are becoming more open. Regional and national borders are dissolving. Few companies can afford to ignore this trend and leave international potential untapped. Travel requirements are escalating as a result of increased interconnectedness and internationalisation. Costs of business travel are rising year on year – approx. 6-8 % per year in Western Europe.

As long as it is clear what the money is being spent on, this increase is justifiable, if not even essential – every growing company is faced with rising expenses. Yet in many cases it is unclear who is spending what, despite strict booking and payment processes for employees and line managers.

Modern companies use strong partners, streamlined processes and intelligent tools to address these challenges.

Why intelligent travel and expenses management
makes your employees happier…

Employees use your knowledge of travel options and their own mental calendar to book the best options quickly and simply.

Simple electronically-supported processes enable travel approvals in minutes – not days.

Networked systems ensure that data must only be entered once. Travel agencies, card providers and travel providers are all linked on one single platform.

Payments are made with minimal effort. Feeds and OCR are used for automatic data capture where possible.

Employees are no longer prevented from performing their everyday work by unnecessarily complicated booking processes and receive expenses reimbursements within a short time frame.

Bookings and payments can be made easily via mobile app.

…and your company more successful:

Managers have full cost transparency – it is clear who spends what.

Travel expenses are actively managed and do not disappear in countless cost centres.

Data for contract negotiations can be processed rapidly and simply, requiring less effort and generating better rates from travel providers.

Countermeasures can be taken rapidly in the event of undesired costs.

A global platform enables much more efficient and effective compliance. Employees can be located and kept informed by head office wherever they are.

Finance teams have access to fully automatic central data management and can generate and deliver reports and dashboards within minutes.

Companies have the opportunity to establish whether travel and expense guidelines are observed, through global compliance and risk monitoring,  

Risk management officers can perform their duty of care mandate.

Travel- and expenses-management Strategies

HR Campus adopts a holistic approach to make clients happier:

  • The first step is a comprehensive analysis. We examine travel and expense management, as well as organisation, processes, tools, contracts, employee behaviour and policies.
  • The second step involves the joint definition of a target vision and possible implementation strategies. Sets of tasks are formulated in a roadmap.
  • Based on this preliminary work, we determine target processes and a global best practice configuration. This enables rapid rollout as the project progresses.
  • HR Campus provides support during implementation in accordance with your needs. You can decide whether we take on the entire project and complete configuration of the solution or simply provide assistance and advice.

How are you performing with your travel and expense management? Click here for our travel and expense management check.

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Travel- and expenses-management Software

The right software considerably simplifies travel and expenses management. HR Campus provides you with the right HR software products with benefits that include the following:

  • 100% web based
  • Able to be integrated into all HR and financial systems
  • Automatic reconciliation of credit-card data
  • Mobile app
  • Digitisation of expenses receipts by photos of receipts
  • Global distribution systems (GDSs)
  • More than 100 standardized travel reports for an overview of all expenditure and travel budgets
  • International rollouts
SAP Concur

SAP Concur

The complete smart solution for your business travel




Your clever expense tool


Need more support? Yes please!

Should you desire more support than single software products can provide: HR Campus is happy to provide more comprehensive support for your HR department. And exactly where it makes sense for you.

Either with our comprehensive HR Campus Suite. Or by means of real manpower: You can outsource individual HR tasks to us (HR Services) or hire experienced temporary HR specialists from us (HR People). The choice is yours:


Kuoni Reisen AG

Kuoni Reisen AG

Are you looking for a smart, complete solution for travel and expense accounting? At Kuoni, we revolutionized travel and expenses management with Concur.


Meier Tobler AG

Meier Tobler AG

Meier Tobler not only stands for new power in Swiss building services, but also for innovative power in HR. With the introduction of a holistic HR solution, Meier Tobler is showing foresight.



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