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Query Manager

Query Manager

SAP HCM & SuccessFactors Reporting

Query Manager

The numerous possibilities and functions in the SAP HCM data world can be overwhelming. Have you lost track? With Query Manager for HCM, you can evaluate, format and distribute reports on all SAP HCM data in simple and clear steps, thereby making a decisive impact on the success of your business.

Problem – the typical situation in human resources

Despite numerous reporting tools and standard evaluations, many requests for reports are still resolved with customer-specific additional programming. The short-term creation of a report in the day-to-day business can easily overstretch personnel departments. The quality of the reports is also strongly related to personal knowledge, which makes it very difficult to trace the sources of errors. In addition, cross-module HCM evaluations cannot be produced without knowledge of ABAP.

Four key problems

  1. SAP HCM reports often have to be created quickly and flexibly
  2. External data preparation via MS Excel / MS Access
  3. Periodic reports
  4. Use of functionally limited standard tools

The solution for optimized SAP HCM reporting? – Query Manager for HCM

With Query Manager for HCM, you can generate high-quality HCM reports in a very short time. With this powerful reporting solution, you can access critical company data in real-time, generating reliable and accurate evaluations. In addition to the ability to create your own reports, the software offers more than a hundred predefined reports, which you can use as templates for your reports. On the online community platform, you can also download the reports of other Query-Manager users or post your own. Query Manager is a sophisticated reporting solution specifically tailored to SAP HCM reporting and based on in-depth expertise.

Time savings through predefined reports

Query Manager for HCM provides you with all required SAP HCM data at a glance. Creating reports becomes child’s play. In addition, it comes with more than 100 predefined reports. The integrated import and export functionality also allows users to exchange reports with other users via the community platform. Producing reports becomes a real pleasure and the management and supervisors will be delighted by your new evaluations.

HCM Analytics swiss+ – the add-on

Do you need meaningful analyses for quick decision-making? With HCM Analytics swiss+ you can easily display your HCM reporting data – quickly and intuitively. In doing so, you create meaningful analyses that will help you make good decisions.

Evaluate – display – decide

Do you work with the Query Manager and want to display the evaluations graphically in a way that anyone can understand? Then HCM Analytics swiss+ is the perfect solution for you!

HCM Analytics swiss+ is the easy solution for management and all HR managers who want to use Microsoft Office solutions to create meaningful graphics for analysis and decision-making from complex and confusing data.

Device-independent, up to date and cost-effective

Do you want a quick insight into where your business stands? Instead of tedious and confusing lists, with just a few clicks you can create a graphic that shows you everything important at a glance: Has too much overtime accumulated in certain departments? What are the proportions of women and men in different departments? How many employees are about to retire? HCM Analytics swiss+ displays it in a nutshell. Reports, dashboards or scorecards – all graphics can be easily integrated into presentations and your intranet.

Transparency and insight

Do you think your staff turnover is too high? Are wages too low? Just compare your data with the Federal Statistical Office. Or you can find out how your company compares with other companies in your sector in the employee rating of the kununu website. HCM Analytics swiss+ makes it easy for you. It combines your internal data with external sources.

HCM Analytics swiss+ works on any device. Whether you're sitting at your desk in front of your desktop PC, working on your mobile phone while you're on the road, or wanting to make a quick assessment on a tablet at hole. Thanks to the responsive design, you can work on any device, any time and anywhere.


  • No additional SAP licenses required
  • No programming skills needed
  • Transformation of simple lists into compelling graphics (data visualization)
  • Trend analysis in real time
  • Mobile availability
  • 100% SAP integration


  • Evaluation of all SAP HCm & SuccessFactors data sources is possible
  • Creation of HR reports in minutes
  • Free design of the formatting and output form of reports
  • No dependency on ABAP or technical resources
  • Easy exporting of reports to MS Excel or Adobe PDF, or sending via email
  • Valuable reports on zero values
  • No tedious finishing work
  • Transparent costs and up to 90% less ABAP reporting

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