Pension fund

Pension fund

Old-age pensions in the hands of the HR team

Old-age pensions are not just an issue for older employees. They even play an important role in recruiting. An intelligent and legally compliant pension-fund management is therefore essential – ideally even in your own company. On the one hand, this is more cost-effective; on the other hand, it facilitates efficient pension-fund processes without media breaks.

Challenges for the pension fund

Pension-fund management is often located outside the company. Master and payroll data therefore have to be laboriously transferred to third-party systems, where the pension fund itself deals with their administration. This outsourcing of technical pension-fund accounts is much more expensive than an in-house solution.

Another challenge is the document storage: insurance certificates must be stored in a read-only manner, ideally without the need to print, scan or archive the documents. Furthermore, changes to personnel master data that concern pension-fund administration, such as the start or end of an employment, must also be done cleanly with defined responsibilities.

If pension-fund processes are handled manually, there are often media breaks that lead to errors. Processes can neither be controlled nor clearly mapped – the statuses of processes are no longer comprehensible.

Why in-house pension-fund management
makes your employees happier…

The employees have a direct contact within the company for all questions concerning their pension funds.

…and your company more successful:

In-house administration of the pension fund is much cheaper.

If the pension-fund administration is done in house, master data and payroll systems can be directly integrated.

Internal administration of pension-fund data simplifies processes such as onboarding and offboarding.

All business transactions of the pension fund are displayed in a visual, user-friendly process cockpit – with automatic monitoring of the process steps.

Automated approval processes between pension-fund managers and clerks make for efficient pension-fund processes.

Within the process, documents can be generated and then archived in a read-only manner without media breaks.

Pension fund Software

The right software simplifies the management of your pension fund. HR Campus provides you with the right HR software products with benefits that include the following:

  • Technical pension-fund administration
  • Dealing with the pension-fund processing of passive and partially passive stock
  • Read-only archiving of insurance documents
  • Optimization of pension-fund processes
  • Integration of the pension fund with personnel administration (master data) and Finance
  • Fast, easy and clear representation of pension-fund processes
  • Tracking of process steps is possible
  • Process control of the documents: from the creation, through dispatch and approval, to archiving


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Need more support? Yes please!

Should you desire more support than single software products can provide: HR Campus is happy to provide more comprehensive support for your HR department. And exactly where it makes sense for you.

Either with our comprehensive HR Campus Suite. Or by means of real manpower: You can outsource individual HR tasks to us (HR Services) or hire experienced temporary HR specialists from us (HR People). The choice is yours:

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