Meier Tobler AG

Meier Tobler AG

Meier Tobler not only stands for new power in Swiss building services, but also for innovative power in HR. With the introduction of a holistic HR solution, Meier Tobler is showing foresight.

Meier Tobler AG


At the beginning of 2018, the merge of Walter Meier AG with Tobler Haustechnik AG, each with 700 employees, resulted in the Meier Tobler AG with 1’400 employees. The merge and doubling of the company’s size paved the wa for a holistic change - not only of the whole infrastructure, but also of HR, as a value adding partner was required. One of the challenges of the merge the cultural change and anchorage of the new Meier Tobler values in daily business and behavior. A goal with high management attention. Hence HR was put in the driver seat to foster strategic alignment and drive the cultural transformation to one company. Moreover, HR was not only meant to support the business strategy, much more, to enable it. The success criteria for that business need was to deploy an employee centric HR strategy to be determined to thrive on change.


Coordinated performance and recruiting processes, employee and manager self-services, harmonized reporting and a smart compensation process aligned to performance were implemented with SAP SuccessFactors. Furthermore, the MeierTobler values were anchored firmly in performance and recruiting process. Meier Tobler has chosen the suite approach to implement a holistic solution from a single vendor to fully exploit the potential of the integrated components.  In addition, the system landscape was simplified, the interfaces were reduced to a minimum and a uniform user experience was created.


The implementation of the HR suite was carried out in three phases:

  1. Phase: SAP SuccessFactors Goals & Performance Management, and SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting
  2. Phase: UKG People Assist
  3. Phase: SAP SuccessFactors Employee and SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Payroll including integration of the Time Management Tool. Also SAP SuccessFactors Compensation, SAP Concur Expense and a SAP-UKA interface.


Company: Meier Tobler AG

Industry: air conditioning technology

Employees: 1'400



Published: 1. April 2020

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