Work schedules, safety protocols, checklists – say goodbye to piles of papers, analogue processes and notice boards. Make your smartphone your primary interface with your workforce. Beekeeper is a mobile platform that lets you create a digital workplace, facilitates communication with your workers and makes important information available.

Why Beekeeper?

  • Mobile app for blue collar teams

  • Central point of contact for all systems

  • Easy registration process, no email address needed

  • Translation into all languages

  • Ready-to-use integrations

  • Cost-efficient implementation and servicing

Involvement of blue collar workers

Health care, retail, construction, hospitality, production – 80% of the workforce in these sectors don't sit at a desk in an office. They often don't have access to digital tools that can allow them to communicate freely with the company and with each other. This disadvantage can make their work more difficult, with less motivation, efficiency and security. This kind of work process needs an update – an intuitive, mobile platform that allows your workforce to function as a team and gives them everything they need for outstanding performance.

Beekeeper as a mobile platform

Beekeeper lets you connect your workers with the internal information and existing systems they need for their daily work. Give your employees a central point of access to shift schedules, training sessions, assignments, notifications and lots more. Your employees use the mobile app to access a home page that is tailored to them personally: in their language, for their location, their team and their job. Using the mobile app is easy – no email address for login and the translation feature clears language barriers. Managers and employees can communicate and work together more efficiently. With Beekeeper, employees no longer feel isolated and difficult to reach but part of a larger network.

Internal communication in real time

Turn your workforce into an efficient team with an always-accessible, central point of contact for information and easier network communication. Beekeeper helps you keep your employees up to date with what's going on at the company and get important information to its destination securely. Messages are translated automatically into the recipient's preferred language.

  • Send campaigns and surveys via chat

  • Share videos and files in news channels

  • Send text or voice messages, one-on-one or in group chats

Centralised document library

Beekeeper's mobile document library is a structured filing system designed for mobile devices to manage guidelines, regulations and more. Send forms directly within the app and do away with paper-based processes.

  • Share updated instructions, protocols and other documents
  • Access forms and checklists for recurring processes like illness reporting, equipment testing, request applications and safety checklists

Modern design for displaying shift schedules

Beekeeper is directly synchronised with your scheduling software so you can send out work schedules without distributing papers or posting on boards. Your workers can view your schedule from anywhere, saving managers from countless phone calls and text messages to fill shifts.

  • Modern mobile viewing of work schedules
  • Schedule changes are easily communicated

Transparent task management

Increase productivity with task creation and allocation, and the ability to monitor progress. Beekeeper makes it easy for your employees to carry out their assignments.

  • Allocate assignments to one or more users
  • Access assignments in the web app – for viewing and managing assignment status through office personnel
  • Use forms to create personalised to-do lists

Beekeeper FAQ

The user interface is displayed in the language the user has selected in their mobile phone settings. Beekeeper also offers a translation function so that users can have content translated directly into their preferred language. This function enables the translation of texts in over 100 languages.

Registration or logging into the app requires neither an email address nor a password. Users simply enter an employee ID or their telephone number. Even easier is log-in via QR code generated by a supervisor, which instantly logs users into the app.

With Beekeeper, companies see higher employee retention and an average activation rate of over 85% – almost six times the industry average. You can collect and compare employee activity over channels, teams, locations and topics, and apply the results in an effective internal communications strategy.

Beekeeper doesn't replace existing IT and HR systems – it expands them. For example, it can be used with UKG HR Service Delivery and SAP SuccessFactors HR Suite. The relevant parts of these programmes are made accessible in a user-friendly interface. In addition to ready-to-use integrations, Beekeeper also features an open API, diverse SDKs for setting up user-specific integrations and chatbots, and various SSO options.

The basic structure of your Beekeeper platform takes just a few weeks to build. Its intuitive interface lets you configure and expand your platform according to your needs.

Your data privacy is our top priority. That's why we use superior 256-bit TLS encryption, advanced Firewall protection, carry out regular external safety tests and use ISO-27001:2013-certified data centres.

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