UKG Document Manager

UKG Document Manager

With UKG Document Manager, HR departments can actively manage documents. This includes the generation of documents and the archiving, accessing, distribution and deletion of personnel files. The data are stored in a central and secure location that is accessible from every device, anywhere and anytime.

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Why UKG Document Manager?

  • Centralised and digital employee dossier

  • Easy generation of documents

  • Secure sharing of documents

  • Easy management of safekeeping periods

  • Electronic mailbox for employees

  • Electronic signature

All documents in a single location

HR generates documents every single day. These are often the result of a process and usually end up in the employee's personnel file. But paper not only requires a lot of space - accessing paper records also entails a lot of red tape and administrative effort. This is no longer in keeping with the times. UKG Document Manager offers modern options for the generation and filing of documents as well as flexible and location-independent access. UKG Document Manager enables you to destroy all your paper records and to only work electronically going forward.


Generate, manage, store and back up all documents concerning your employees in a centralised employee dossier. Advanced search functions that cover the whole archive simplify repeat control tasks. Underlying rules automatically ensure compliance with legal safekeeping periods. This ensures global compliance with statutory and regulatory provisions.

  • Centralised employee dossier
  • Advanced search function
  • Secure sharing of documents
  • Secure role-based access
  • Automated safekeeping periods
  • Integration into UKG People Assist

Document production

Produce simple as well as complex documents using data from workflows or master data from one of your HR information systems. Employment contracts and other HR documents are generated with just a few clicks and can be sent directly to a digital signature workflow, filed in the digital employee dossier, or delivered to the electronic mailbox. Document templates are created or adjusted by you – very easy to do with your text editing software.

  • Automated document production
  • Use of central text modules
  • Simple preparation of templates with your text editing software.

Electronic mailbox

Salary statements and other documents have to be sent to employees every month. Send HR documents to the electronic mailbox with just a few clicks. Employees benefit from lifelong and free access to their mailbox. They can also use this mailbox to store their own documents and share them with third parties.

  • Digital delivery of HR documents
  • No print and postage expenses
  • Unlimited storage for employer documents
  • Lifelong and free access for employees with 10 GB storage
  • Secure access with two-factor authentication

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Electronic signature

Print the document, wait many days for signatures, and then scan the document again. To get rid of such disruption and inefficiency, employee file management offers standardised integration with DocuSign and Adobe Sign. Sign documents within seconds with just a few clicks. You can then even archive the document yourself in the employee dossier.

  • Produce documents and send them directly to the signature workflow
  • Sign digitally with just a few clicks – also on the smartphone
  • Automated archiving in personnel file

Success Storys with UKG Document Manager

Helvetia Insurance

Helvetia Insurance

Thanks to UKG People Assist, Helvetia has a digital HR hub and thus benefits from smooth communication between employees and HR.


Bachem AG

Bachem AG

Bachem AG received a completely new HR-IT landscape. HR and employees benefit from modern recruiting, professional master data management and employee-friendly workflow & ticketing.


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