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PeopleDoc workflow & ticketing

PeopleDoc workflow & ticketing

More time for strategy and employee development

PeopleDoc workflow & ticketing

Make sure your employees are in a position to find answers to their questions at all times via an accessible, user-friendly and personalised employee portal. If necessary, requests to HR can be submitted using intelligent request management.

Efficient Request Management Thanks to Knowledge Database

The HR department spends too much time answering the same simple questions over and over again, submitted by employees that expect an answer right away. A HR ticketing solution with knowledge database puts employees in a position to find the right answers to their questions. More complex requests can continue to be forwarded directly to HR.

HR Shared Service Centre

Shared service centres use PeopleDoc solutions to manage and process employee requests more efficiently. This is a multi-tiered service delivery model that can be scaled globally. There is a knowledge database (tier 0 support) as well as request management for more complex requests. HR staff can access personal files and set off automated HR processes from any location. So you can guarantee worldwide support. The HR shared service centre’s performance is portrayed in clear dashboards. Potential for improvement is easily recognisable.

Automation of All HR Processes

HR guides an employee through many stations of their employment with the company. This extends from onboarding to promotions and even internal secondments. With PeopleDoc process automation, HR staff are given a tool to efficiently support events in an employee’s life. HR can individually create and quickly adjust workflows or forms from any location. Legal changes or operational requirements can be easily updated via a user-friendly operating interface.

Example: Onboarding Process

Hiring and onboarding new employees is an important process but one that entails a lot of documentation. A coordinated approach between various managers and departments is required. An automated onboarding solution can simplify the process of hiring and onboarding. New employees are able to work more productively from their very first day. So you’re setting the sails for success from the very beginning.

Success Story

Helvetia Insurance

Helvetia Insurance

Thanks to Peopledoc's Workflow & Ticketing, Helvetia has a digital HR hub and thus benefits from smooth communication between employees and HR.


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  • Employee case management
  • Employee portal with knowledge database
  • Automation of workflows & HR processes
  • Form creation without coding
  • HR shared services
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Integration into the PeopleDoc e-Dossier
  • Connection to your HR system (e.g. SAP SuccessFactors)

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