Sophie - Your little HR friend.

Sophie –Your little HR Friend

Sophie is the digital HR assistant for your employees and enriches your HR throughout the employee life cycle. She is the central point of contact for HR queries, tasks and processes. Sophie answers HR questions, provides reminders of important appointments or tasks, helps to collect data, and much more.

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Why Sophie?

Making life easier for your HR

  • Fewer repetitive support queries

  • Modular design for individual departments

  • Compatible with all current HR systems

Point of contact for your employees

  • Central point of contact for various HR queries

  • Available 24/7, anywhere

  • Fast, easy to use and straightforward chat experience

Support throughout the employee life cycle

Digital HR assistant Sophie is more than a chatbot. She provides your employees with a new type of support throughout the employee life cycle. From recruitment to offboarding, Sophie provides employees with centralised, customised support for their HR concerns and tasks.

Sophie's abilities

Answer employees' questions

The combination of AI (artificial intelligence) and NLP (natural language processing) identifies employees' questions, compares them against a (knowledge) database that can be set up individually and answers them directly. Sophie learns automatically when used frequently.  


  • Plays back rules on carrying over holiday to the following year
  • Provides information about opportunities for in-house progression with the opportunity to switch to LMS
  • Link to an application form for an interim reference


Handles HR questions

External system processes can be executed directly in the chat via HR system interfaces. The employee is referred directly to the appropriate contact person or intranet page for complex enquiries.


  • Request for confirmation of employment or interim reference
  • Approval of an application for training / continuous professional development
  • Submit an application for unpaid holiday

Send reminders and tasks

Background links to calendars, databases or systems send personalised messages for important events. Possible actions can be triggered directly in the chat.


  • Birthday reminders to team managers
  • Work anniversary reminders to HR
  • Reminders of target agreements and review meetings

Collection of photographed expense receipts

Photographed receipts are identified, recorded and forwarded in combination with the Edi expenses tool and its intelligent image recognition technology. Makes manual input unnecessary.


  • Records expense receipts
  • Notification and approval of expense accounts
  • General notifications from the expenses system

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Big Innovation Award

We have a reason to celebrate! We are proud to announce that our digital HR assistant - Sophie - Your little HR friend - has been awarded the Big Innovation Award 2023! This annual business award recognizes organizations, products and people who are bringing new ideas to life in innovative ways.

News & Storys about Sophie the HR Chatbot

Digital assistance to reinforce your HR

Digital assistance to reinforce your HR

Happy employees and efficient processes thanks to the latest technology


Repower AG

Repower AG

With digital HR assistant ‘Sophie’, this innovative Graubünden-based energy service provider is employing innovative solutions in HR. The chatbot supports managers as well as team members.


Artificial Intelligence in HR

Artificial Intelligence in HR

A relationship for the future?


Sophie the HR Chatbot

Sophie the HR Chatbot

Want to use modern chatbot technology in HR? Find out more about chatbots and our newly developed digital HR chatbot here.


So, where did Sophie come from?

The idea for the HR chatbot Sophie came up at a business dinner: Why can’t an expense receipt be submitted via smartphone? In the age of digitisation and the harmonization of so many processes, that really should be possible.

The first idea – to develop an app for it – was quickly dropped: a HR chatbot would do the job so much better and more easily. We found the right partner in rhyno solutions.

After a few brainstorming and workshop sessions, we became more and more aware of the genius and explosiveness of this technology: Sophie would not only improve individual processes, she could even be embedded one-to-one in the existing system landscape – just as if she had always been at home there.

Sophie is part of the Google Startup Program and is supported by the Wirtschaftsförderung Schaffhausen business-development organization.

HR chatbot FAQ

A chatbot is a computer programme that offers personal support in the form of digital dialogue. Users can ask the digital assistant questions and place orders via chat when embedded in communications software such as Microsoft Teams. These are identified, answered directly or processed using artificial intelligence, automated rules, natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML). The option of connecting the digital assistant to other programmes through interfaces results in a multitude of possible processes and tasks that can be automated or simplified.

A chatbot can be contacted at any time of day, replies immediately thanks to interfaces to the knowledge database and can be used by several employees at the same time.

Sophie can be connected to various systems. The HR software programme to which Sophie should be connected is up to you. Here is a selection:

  • Core systems such as SAP SuccessFactors, Haufe and SAP HCM
  • Travel and expense management systems such as SAP Concur and Edi
  • Process management systems such as UKG HR Service Delivery
  • Communications systems such as Microsoft Teams and Beekeeper
  • Many more...

Sophie only works for standard enquiries. Only people can express genuine enthusiasm and empathy, and machines are only as intelligent as the background dataset.

Whether your company is a major corporation or an SME – every requirement is different and demands a different security standard. This need for data protection and trustworthiness is therefore closely connected to the idea to be implemented. Please contact us and we will find the best solution for your situation.

No, Sophie is an assistant used to assist the HR department to simplify the working day. She cannot replace person-to-person contact with real people. She can take responsibility for all standard enquiries or general, repetitive tasks. Depending on how important empathy is, the focus is more or less on HR. For HR employees, this means a reduced workload and fewer disturbances, such as interruptions or constant answering of the same questions. This has a positive impact on employees and gives them more time for more important tasks.

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