Sophie - Your little HR friend.

Sophie –Your little HR Friend

Sophie is a HR chatbot who will guide you through your daily administrative HR tasks. Whether onboarding, working out expenses or recording working hours – Sophie will help you collect the data and give you up-to-date answers to (almost) all your HR questions.


Sophie speeds up your HR processes

  • Cutting-edge HR chatbot technology

  • Faster workflow

  • Communicates with any modern HR software

  • Simplifies interaction between the team and HR

  • Positive employee experience

Time for a little chatbot knowledge

The term “chatbot” comes from “chat” – as you may have guessed – and “bot” – an abbreviation of “robot”.

So, a chatbot is a software program that can simulate autonomous interaction with human beings. Basically, chatbot users have virtual conversations with robots that perform certain tasks for them or answer their questions.

Interesting facts about chatbots

According to a survey of chatbot users aged 16 to 55, the main reason for using a chatbot is increased productivity.

(Source: Brandtzaeg und Følstad, 2017)

Chatbots are expected to yield year-on-year savings of up to $8billion by 2022.

(Source: digicomp)

In a survey of 1,000 US consumers aged 18 to 65, 49% of them would prefer to communicate with a company via SMS/chat/messenger – as long as it works well technically.

(Source:Aspect, 2016)

There are already more than 300,000 chatbots active on Facebook.

(Source:Forbes, 2018)

80% of companies plan to use a chatbot by 2020.

(Source:Forbes, 2018)

News & Storys about our HR Chatbot

Repower AG

Repower AG

With digital HR assistant ‘Sophie’, this innovative Graubünden-based energy service provider is employing innovative solutions in HR. The chatbot supports managers as well as team members.


So, where did Sophie come from?

The idea for the HR chatbot Sophie came up at a business dinner: Why can’t an expense receipt be submitted via smartphone? In the age of digitisation and the harmonization of so many processes, that really should be possible.

The first idea – to develop an app for it – was quickly dropped: a HR chatbot would do the job so much better and more easily. We found the right partner in rhyno solutions.

After a few brainstorming and workshop sessions, we became more and more aware of the genius and explosiveness of this technology: Sophie would not only improve individual processes, she could even be embedded one-to-one in the existing system landscape – just as if she had always been at home there.

Sophie is part of the Google Startup Program and is supported by the Wirtschaftsförderung Schaffhausen business-development organization.

HR Chatbot FAQ

  • The purpose of a chatbot is to conduct a pleasant dialogue. By simulating natural human language, the chatbot can communicate without seeming to talk like a machine.
  • An improved candidate experience: HR chatbots make sure that applicants feel well looked after on a website and that they have a positive experience. A study by Careerbuilder has shown that continuous contact with candidates is an important factor in the candidate experience. For 81% of all jobseekers, a regular update on their application improves their candidate experience enormously and reduces the already-high stress factor when looking for a job.
  • Faster processes: A HR chatbot can also be used for an initial sounding-out of applicants. Using a question-and-answer style, a chatbot can weed out unsuitable candidates before the actual time-consuming application process even starts.
  • Sophie is compatible with all modern HR software, the travel- and expense-management software Concur being an example. So, for example, you can photograph an expense receipt and send it to Sophie via Facebook messenger. Our HR chatbot drops this receipt into the Concur software and informs the employee about his/her expenses to date.
  • In short, it's up to you to decide which HR software programs Sophie should connect with.
  • Whether a major corporation or an SME, your requirements will be unique, as will the security standards you require. This means that your needs for data protection and trustworthiness will be closely tied to the idea you want to implement. The best approach is to contact us so that we can find the best solution for your situation.

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