Recruiting Toolbox

Recruiting Toolbox

What would a craftsperson do without their toolbox? The craft of recruitment also presents a variety of challenges. Our toolbox helps you find the perfect match between the job and the talent. A lot has changed in recruiting over the years, including requirements, procedures, approaches and opportunities. We have analysed the best recruitment solutions on the market and put them in our toolbox.

Why use our Recruiting Toolbox?       

  • Save time throughout the entire recruitment process

  • Lower recruitment costs & positions filled faster

  • Higher employee motivation thanks to a cultural fit

  • Employees as brand ambassadors

  • Better qualified employees thanks to assessments

  • Wider reach and discovery of hidden talents

  • Impressive candidate experience

  • Satisfied hiring managers & lower employee turnover

  • Ample analytics reporting capabilities

Why rethink recruiting?

The employment market today is made up of four generations, all with different desires, needs and value proposition requirements for their employers. The job of HR and recruiters has changed in the same way. Their roles now come with more tasks and greater expectations. What used to involve simply filling positions, now involves monitoring recruitment figures, keeping costs down and shortening recruitment times. And all this has to be done while maintaining a glowing employer brand and the strictest data protection requirements. Fortunately, the recruitment sector offers a wealth of opportunities. We have taken a look for you and evaluated the best solutions:

Recruiting site assessment

First, there are two pieces of good news: You are already doing a lot of things right. And you do not need to abandon everything. But it is worth taking a look at your compass and the map. Where do you stand, where do you want to go? And what is the most effective way to get there? Join us for a cup of coffee and an inspirational chat. Together we will question old approaches, dream up new options and define an investment framework.

Modern candidate management

Receive job requests, advertise job, review applications, hire. That is how things work from your perspective. Find job, apply for job, get a job. That is what job seekers want. Modern candidate management helps both sides digitally, quickly, easily and smoothly. And in a way that is so flexible that our offers are adapted to you, instead of the other way around.

  • Fully digital candidate management process
  • Simple and intuitive for all target groups
  • Jobs at the click of a mouse on your career page and in job portals
  • Efficient and clear communication - internally and externally

SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting

Umantis Talent management

Harnessing the power of employee referrals

Studies show that referred employees stay at a company longer because, among other things, the cultural fit is better. With Radancy's Employee Referrals, your employees become an important part of the recruitment process. They share jobs in your networks as genuine brand ambassadors, and you easily receive more and better applications. And what’s more, you reward your employees instead of headhunters.

  • New channel for high-quality applications
  • Reduce agency costs
  • Engage and motivate employees
  • Harness the power of various social networks effortlessly

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Two solutions for video interviews

Video has become an integral part of our lives. What has been firmly established in marketing for decades is now also good practice in recruitment and employer branding. Our solutions allows companies to make their recruitment processes more efficient and flexible with interviews that can be asynchronous, mobile or live.

  • Lose fewer applicants thanks to a fast selection process
  • Give candidates real insights into the job, the culture and the environment
  • Avoid bias thanks to structured, pre-recorded interviews
  • Discover hidden talents and involve the line directly

Outmatch Video

viasto Interview Suite

Assessments as a valuable supplement

Discover new talent inside or outside your company with OutMatch’s digital assessments. The assessments are a valuable addition to your recruitment process or HR development, because you get to know the personality traits and skills of your (future) employees. Extremely easy, scientifically sound and reliable. Use the ready-made and validated 900+ job & skills profiles or create your own company-specific skills models.

  • Easy management of your jobs and profiles
  • High level of acceptance among participants, as it is intuitive and user-friendly
  • Interactive assessment reports with interview guidelines and development reports
  • Match several people to one job or one person to several jobs

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Active sourcing and candidate pool 2.0

With Textkernel’s Active Sourcing module, you can ideally harness the power of your pools and external sources, provided you have a candidate management system. Search social networks for suitable candidates or apply structured filters to your candidate pools. The solution reads all the information from the applicants’ documents, and the semantics interprets the information so that you can search large talent pools quickly and effectively for suitable project or job matches.

  • Semantic search within and outside your company
  • CV parsing lets you scan your talent pools easily and effectively
  • Complex searches can be saved and reused later in seconds

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