Modern recruitment for success

Modern recruitment for success

Switzerland enjoys almost full employment – the unemployment rate is at its lowest level in ten years and companies are complaining of a skills shortage. How should a company react in this situation? After all, the right workers are the key to success.

Modern recruitment for success

Modern recruitment for success

Recruitment has been affected not only by the economic situation, but also by the fact that today it is the worker who chooses the company, and not vice versa. It is therefore important for companies to strengthen their position, attract the talents of tomorrow and achieve high levels of employee retention. In this regard, the experience of work is a crucial factor for employees. Our everyday lives have been digitalised, yet many companies have not yet reacted to this development. We use various digital tools to simplify our personal lives and enjoy positive experiences with our “digital assistants” all the time. Employees also want to experience the advantages of digitalisation in the workplace. The better the experience of work, the more likely the employee is to choose the company and opt to remain.

What has changed?

The creation of a modern experience of work begins with recruitment. The recruitment process should use modern tools to facilitate the entire process for both applicants and recruiters. Flexibility and transparency are particularly important, including in the use of alternative methods. For example, potential employees should be able to apply when they are out and about and receive much faster responses. Companies could also save valuable time and money.

Artificial intelligence is increasingly being applied to the recruitment process. For example, talent search machines can carry out a much broader search for suitable candidates or eliminate prejudice in selection. Some companies have already adopted entirely new processes. In some cases, neuroscientific games are used to test the emotional intelligence and cognitive skills of candidates.

The style of recruitment will determine the fate of the company; only modern companies can keep up with development, find suitable talent and above all persuade workers to join the company.

The company of tomorrow

Any company which wishes to recruit the workers of the future must be modern and must employ the latest work tools. And adopt a flexible structure. A classic top-down approach is no longer fashionable; the implementation of a flat hierarchy and increased levels of teamwork with role distribution demonstrates that you trust your employees – which in turn is rewarded with trust in the company. Today’s workers want to adopt a modern, flexible and independent style of working. Modern recruitment means securing the future sustainability of the company.


Published: 7. August 2018

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