Swisscom AG

Swisscom AG

With the aid of employment reference swiss+ Swisscom AG is now able to produce high-quality, efficient employment references.

Swisscom AG


The existing tool at Swisscom (Schweitz) AG was no longer been meeting requirements in terms of process efficiency. In order to be able to handle the mass of employment references with a high standard of quality yet still with a short processing time, we were invited to join in the start the project. The intention was to introduce a standard tool capable of depicting the specific process steps.

HR Campus solution

The swiss+ employment-reference tool has made the process noticeably more efficient for everyone involved. Process management and handling has become much more intuitive and easier for line managers, and the HR team members are happy to take on requests for references and process them in next to no time. Pragmatic collaboration made it possible to achieve the positive result of this project in a short period of time.


    Published: 28. November 2017

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