KZU Competence Centre

KZU Competence Centre

Thanks to the introduction of the digital personnel dossier, the KZU Competence Centre can now manage personnel dossiers digitally and efficiently.

KZU Competence Centre

Starting position

The KZU Competence Centre wanted to introduce a central solution for the management of digital personnel files, taking over the existing paper files.


The KZU has opted for aconso's e-Dossier with SaaS model. With the SaaS variant, the aconso e-Dossier is run on the servers of the HR Campus. The system is 100% web-based and enables completely location-independent access to and role-based administration of employee-related documents. The KZU Competence Centre now has a modern document management system and is also committed to the environment thanks to the paperless office.


Published: 16. July 2018

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