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From the creation to the archiving of documents – everything from one source


Modern document management covers the entire lifecycle of your HR documents. aconso's software modules include document creation, legally secure storage of your employee and company documents, as well as process creation and optimization for document management.


  • Fully administrable by HR
  • Web-based, intuitive application for HR, supervisors and employees
  • Standard solution with flexible configuration options
  • Ability to depict complex authorization concepts
  • Central starting point for all document processes
  • Full integration into SAP SuccessFactors and SAP HCM

HR Processes and document management

The aconso solution portfolio is based on a holistic concept for document management, which covers the entire document lifecycle from the creation to the filing and archiving of documents.

The modular interaction of the various solution components allows you to make an immediate start with your key issues, such as the e-dossier, and to implement further document-management processes, such aconso Creator for document creation, in a second phase. All solutions are standard products with flexible configuration options, so that no customized programming is necessary.

Of course, solutions are only as good as their capacity for integration into the existing landscape and processes. This is why we place great emphasis on integration with your HR system. For us, integration means more than a simple data interface – it requires a seamless meshing of processes, as this is the only way to take full advantage of document management.

Document management is a key innovation topic in HR, and our partner aconso has been performing research-and-development work in this important field for more than 10 years. aconso now offers process dashboards, mobile applications and much more to increase professionalism and convenience for HR and on the line.

For more than 8 years, HR Campus has been dedicated to the topic of digital personal dossiers and document management, and now has a team of around 10 people covering all aspects of this multi-faceted topic. From processes, through technology and integration to expertise in legal questions concerning electronic documents – we provide all the skills needed to implement successful projects. Numerous customer references from all sectors confirm this.

aconso e-Dossier

Electronic personnel dossier

With aconso e-dossier, you are setting an important milestone for a paperless office. Legally secure archiving, a granular authorization concept, drag-and-drop document storage and logging of all file accesses are only a few highlights of the digital personal dossier.

On the market for more than 10 years and used in 63 countries around the world, aconso is a trendsetter in the subject of digital personnel dossiers. The open system-independent architecture allows you to link the digital personal dossier to SAP HCM, SAP SuccessFactors and other common ERP or HR systems. 100% Web-based aconso provides role-based access to employee-related documents from any location.

Legally secure archiving, a granular authorization concept, detailed logging of all file accesses, Office integration and drag-and-drop document storage are further highlights of the digital personnel dossier. Demonstrably significant savings in space, time and paper can be measured and your personnel department will be notable for its increased service level.

Archiving of legacy data

aconso list archiving 

Are you planning to archive old data, such as payroll accounting and salary accounts and certification for old-age pension insurance? Are you about to migrate your system and need to migrate or archive parts of your legacy data? Just store your company documents safely and easily in the aconso list archive.

aconso list archiving is a solution that is intuitive to use, and that gives authorized users Web-based access to existing archived documents. The clearly structured arrangement of components with the company information and subdivision by year and document type, together with the document preview and the simple scrolling function, ensure a virtual look and feel similar to that of a classic paper folder.

The aconso list archive can be used alone or in conjunction with aconso e-dossier.

The benefits for your personnel department

A click on the required calendar year presents you with a clearly structured view of all documents. You can open just one specific document, browse through a set of documents, or perform a full-text search. And you only need a Web browser that allows you to access your archive. You can switch off legacy systems and simplify migration processes. As soon as your aconso list archive is working and the first documents have been transferred, you just transfer the documents that arise and need retained on a year-by-year basis to the archive, and thereby simplify your processes.

No matter what you want to do with your SAP HCM system in a few years time, your important documents are already “on the safe side”. In addition, for audits, you can give the auditor direct access to your documents.

Document creation

aconso Creator 

Employment contracts, salary letters, confirmations, orders and much more – aconso Creator makes creating HR documents simple. Any employee-related correspondence can be created, printed or filed in a standardized and largely automated manner.

aconso Creator brings together Microsoft Word, the Web and SAP HCM in the best possible way. First, authorized employees create the required basic document templates in Word. Existing company documents can be implemented in aconso Creator. This creates a pool of templates, and their use is controlled by the authorization system. Where required, the personnel department can adapt and extend document templates for itself, without having to turn to the IT department.

In day-to-day personnel work, the HR department or a line manager opens the required template and links it with the relevant personnel data from SAP using a key characteristic – usually the personnel number – and inserts variable data as required.The finished document is printed, output as a PDF, sent by email or fax, stored centrally or moved directly into the digital personnel file. If necessary, it is available to authorized employees for further editing in the HR process.

aconso Creator can also provide an elegant way of handling application and approval processes. So, for example, a supervisor can select a template called “Application for special bonus”, complete it and, once ready, automatically forward the document to the persons authorized to give approval.

What makes the aconso Creator so special is its simple and intuitive usability, and the fact that it is very specifically oriented towards to the needs of the HR function. Users of the aconso digital personnel dossier can create their documents in a clear and familiar environment. As an out-of-the-box solution, no installation on the client is necessary.

Process management

aconso easyProcess

Do you want to increase the productivity and transparency of your HR department? With aconso easyProcess, you can constantly keep an eye on all your HR processes. You can see pending process steps and have a detailed process history. You can get a quick, easy and clear depiction of your individual HR processes.

aconso easyProcess rounds off the aconso modules in a holistic manner. The whole document workflow can be triggered, monitored and processed – from the employee’s application through automatic creation and managerial approval to dispatch and archiving, reports included.

The modern user interface of aconso solution gives all employees a view of the tasks and processes relevant to them, and lets them deal with them directly. As head of personnel or a manager, you can immediately see the latest processes to be processed, which have already been completed, and where there is still something to be done.

aconso easyProcess is therefore the key starting point for working with personnel documents and related processes. Individual process steps are dealt with without time-consuming changes between systems and the associated logging procedures and media breaks.

Retention Manager

Compliance with applicable retention policies for electronic data

With the Retention Manager, aconso provides a module that supports you in complying with applicable retention guidelines for electronic data and automates your time-consuming deletion process. The module helps companies to implement company-internal guidelines, official regulations or legal requirements and to remove (delete) data that is no longer of legal or business use. Thus, the Retention Manager can support companies in compliance with the new EU Data Protection Basic Regulation (GDPR), whose Art. 17 stipulates that personal data - for example from the electronic personnel file - must be deleted when the purpose no longer applies. In addition, it is possible that master data can be deleted from aconso after a defined period (leaving).

Do have any questions?

Giacomo Telesca looks forward to hearing from you and will be happy to answer your questions.


  • Fully administrable by HR
  • Web-based, intuitive application for HR, supervisors and employees
  • Standard solution with flexible configuration options
  • Ability to depict complex authorization concepts
  • Central starting point for all document processes
  • Full integration into SAP SuccessFactors and SAP HCM

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