Groupe E SA

Groupe E SA

Thanks to the employment reference swiss+® job reference tool, Groupe E efficiently produces fair and high-quality job references.

Groupe E SA


Before the introduction of the employment reference swiss+® job reference tool, Groupe E references were written manually by the HR department using an assessment sheet. Creating the references took a lot of time, not lease because the references have to be created in German and French. The requirements for the job reference tool were: an efficient workflow with qualitative text modules in German and French.


With the introduction of employment reference swiss+®, Groupe E has been able to streamline the reference process. This allows HR to gain valuable time. Thanks to the implemented project and the connection to the SAP personnel master data, they can now efficiently create fair and high-quality job references for all associated companies. They have also been able to raise the standard of their references and provide their employees with meaningful testimonials. Using an ingenious evaluation grid, they can now generate individual references in several languages with employment reference swiss+®.


Company: Groupe E SA

Industry: Energy

Employees: 900

Languages: German and French

Product: employment reference swiss+

Published: 23. October 2020

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