Pension-fund management goes digital

Pension-fund management goes digital

Everything is going digital, so why not pension-fund processes? Don’t get left behind with pension-fund digitisation.

Pension-fund management goes digital

Are you also tired of laboriously transferring master and payroll data to third-party systems and reconciling it? The solution is provided by SAP pension-fund management in your own company.

This makes manual transfers and reconciliations a thing of the past, since the pension-fund, personnel-administration and financial areas are fully integrated.

Wouldn’t it be good to have the approval processes between the pension-fund management and processing, as well as document creation and storage in one place, and to always be able to keep an overview? Aconso provides the answer with the aconso Creator, e-Dossier and easyProcess modules.

After posting a vested termination benefit, the pension-fund manager automatically receives a notification with a request for approval. The pension-fund management just has to click on the link in the email to go directly to the task. The pension-fund management can then grant its approval or return it to pension-fund processing with instructions for correction. After approval, the insured person automatically receives an email with the confirmation of the entry of the vested benefits and the document is simultaneously stored to the read-only personal files. Among other things, the processes can be mapped in our process engine if an employee changes employment grade or leaves the company or pension fund.

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Published: 17. May 2017

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