HR management

HR management

Successful HR management requires a clear HR strategy. We determine where the journey takes us and the best way to get to the goal together with you: it’s agile, co-creative and inspirational. We design, query and discuss. Moreover, we develop processes and measures which are also carried out by your employees and which measurably contribute towards company success.

HR management as a motor towards success

In a successful company, colleagues are no longer mere employees, they are strategic success factors. Thus, the challenge facing modern HR management is to orientate itself towards employees as clients, managing them professionally and creating positive experiences. At the same time, strategic company levels must also help to design HR. The path from administrators to designers - and thereby to partners at eye level with management - is a fantastic opportunity for HR to contribute directly to company success, rather than continuing to merely be a cost factor.

An HR management with measurable objectives

We place satisfied employees and the HR value contribution at the heart of our consultancy: as measurable success criteria. In the sense of our mission «Happy Employee, Happy Company», we accompany you in your challenges and re-orientate your HR management together with you in a fresh, new way.

Let’s talk about your HR management

We would like to invite you to a strategic HR inspiration meeting: 90 minutes where we will listen to you, dream up new opportunities and give you honest feedback - free of charge. So that we can design your HR management in such a way that it really moves your company forwards.


Digitalisation in HR opens up new opportunities: a better user experience and more time for strategic topics. This path looks different for each HR department - we will help you on the journey.

  • Developing a digitalisation roadmap
  • Automating HR management processes
  • Recording, understanding and implementing the Employee Experience

Your contact: Philippe Dutkiewicz | Email, Phone


An organisation is more than just an organigram or business model on a piece of paper. We want employees to be able to identify with their organisation and their HR.

  • Develop an HR management strategy together
  • Rethink HR business models
  • Accompany cultural shift and organisational development

Your contact: Anja Buser | Email, Phone


Changes are positively anchored wherever those affected join in with enthusiasm. That’s why we place the focus on the people and design change management accordingly.

Your contact: Myriam Best | Email, Phone


Processes should be streamlined, fulfil their purpose and be orientated towards the participants. We work out this exciting area together with HR and bring together a fresh approach and expert knowledge.

  • Agile design of HR management
  • Developing streamlined HR administration
  • Specialist expert consultancy for all HR processes

Your contact: Robin Stahel | Email, Phone

«Changing a company culture is a challenge. The collaboration with HR Campus helped us to describe our current culture and define the desired changes. We have trodden this path together.»

Markus Dolder

Finance and logistics director
Stadt Kloten

How we work

HR is in our blood:
Our consultants understand all the facets of HR - including by drawing on their own practical experience as HR directors and managers.

We listen:
We take time to understand and analyse your individual challenges.

We think holistically:
We don’t just adjust individual screws, we also consider the entire economic and strategic angle.

We act effectively:
Our solutions are pragmatic, can be implemented and have a sustainable effect.

We speak your team’s language:
We convey our solutions according the target groups: visually convincing and to the point.

NEWS & STORYS about HR Management

Digitisation in HR

Digitisation in HR

How to successfully digitise an HR department.


Employee Wellbeing

Employee Wellbeing

Why We Need Happy Employees


A place where effective HR management is born

HR Vision center

Far away from the hectic everyday life, it is not only easier to visualize, but also to work in a more focused way. The HR Vision Center in the Swiss mountains offers the perfect environment to gain vision, work intensively on projects or strengthen your own team.

HR Project Days
You want to carry out your projects efficiently and successfully? Use the peace and quiet of the mountains to start HR management projects productively or to carry out intensive project work and testings.

HR Strategy Days
Are you looking for an idyllic place to develop new visions? Withdraw with your team to the Hotel Madrisajoch to gain distance, time and new perspectives. Dare to dream.

HR Team Days
Are you planning a team training for your HR department? At the Hotel Madrisajoch you can hold your individual team event, seminar or workation.

Your contact

Would you like our assessment of your HR management? Or would you like to discuss an individual topic with us which isn’t detailed above? I’m looking forward to your call or email.

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