Agile performance management and OKRs

Agile performance management and OKRs

Effective transformation of your performance management

Agile performance management and OKRs

Classic performance management approaches no longer suit today’s requirements for a successful business - a high level of flexibility and happy workers. We’ll guide you through your transition to agile performance management. It’s fascinatingly simple and incredibly challenging at the same time.

Paradigm shift in performance management

We truly believe that it is time for a new, fresh path in performance management. There are currently hardly any industries where the speed of change hasn’t increased. Good employees want to keep with the times and engage themselves within companies that transform the market rather than be transformed by the market. 

Most companies today rely on classic models and classic understandings of management. This is based on the assumption that managers make the best possible decisions, while demanding excellent implementation from employees. In return, they are offered money and a stable career path.  

Agile approaches, however, clearly focus on employees, on self-responsibility, on collective intelligence and a strong, communal ‘why’. Employees are expected to innovate and take risks, offered meaning in return.  

Which path is the right one and how quickly it can be traversed depends on the starting situation. But it is surely time to question classic processes and find the right answers. 

OKR – Objectives & Key Results 

One promising agile approach for tackling the challenges of a VUCA environment is the use of OKRs - objectives and key results. The idea behind it? Based on the company vision, the process takes place in short cycles - often quarterly. At the start of each quarter, each team considers together what inspiring objectives can best contribute to achieving the overall vision over the next three months. For each objective, the team then comes up with three to four different key results with which the degree of achievement can be measured. The teams then measure if they are moving in the right direction on a regular basis. Complete transparency is key, so everyone can see everything. This leads to focus, mutual alignment and motivation through real impact. 

Transformation to an agile performance management

Using OKRs is an approach for agile and modern performance management. But is this approach truly the best choice? And if yes, how should it be enacted within businesses? Does it suit the company’s current or future culture, structure and strategy? Are employees ready for it, or do they need another way to become more agile and more effective? How would a more agile model impact other HR processes within companies, such as employee development, succession planning and wage taxation? How would this change the role of HR and management? 

A comprehensive adaptation of the ‘performance management model’ has far-reaching consequences and opens up many areas of tension - cultural, structural, procedural and infrastructural. 

Our consulting approaches 

No matter where your company currently is, we will be more than happy to guide you on this journey - fresh, human and experienced. For example, with one of our consulting approaches: 

Fit-gap analysis of your existing performance management

You’re not sure whether your existing performance management model optimally contributes to your vision and strategy. With a structured workshop, we’ll guide you through this analysis and give you some recommendations for action you can take.

Co-creative development of a new performance management model 

We’ll guide you through the whole transformation from A to Z, using co-creative employee involvement and a thorough focus on your vision to facilitate a high level of acceptance and the effectiveness of your new model.

Evaluation of suitable software for agile performance management 

Already have a clear idea of your future model but looking for the right digital support? We use our comprehensive know-how to safely help you through the jungle of software tools. 

Change management support in introducing new software 

You’ve already picked software (e.g. in the form of a whole suite such as SuccessFactors or Haufe) and want to co-creatively configure your process so that it has a high level of effectiveness and acceptance from the roll-out.

Tailored performance management training 

Want to give your managers or employees tailor-made training? We create a suitable training kit or carry out training on issues surrounding agile performance management.

Implementing OKRs

You want to introduce OKRs within your company. Whether that’s a pilot project with 2-3 teams or involving the whole company. We holistically guide you all the way, taking all relevant areas of tension into consideration.

Do you have any questions?

Robin Stahel is looking forward to hearing from you and will be happy to answer your questions.



  • Holistic and practice-proven consulting
  • Increase in corporate performance
  • Bottom-up activation
  • High acceptance among employees
  • Development of agility
  • Increasing the effectiveness of teams

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