Swisscom Directories AG

Swisscom Directories AG

We have introduced swiss+ employment reference at localsearch with success. To the delight of the managers, appraisals are now fast and easy.

Swisscom Directories AG


Before the introduction of swiss+ employment reference, the process for producing employment references at localsearch was far from standardized. As a result, the time spent and the effort involved in communication between the HR team, employees and managers were correspondingly excessive.

In order to be able to handle the task of producing increased numbers of employment references efficiently and in the required quality, they wanted a standardized and reliable software solution.

Solution from HR Campus

According to localsearch, the introduction of swiss+ employment reference is saving the company “considerable time” in the production of employment references. This project has also enabled the company to achieve its goal of producing consistent employment references. The integrated request form further standardizes the collaboration between employees and the HR department while also promoting the incorporation of digital processes into the company.


Published: 17. May 2017

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