At Sanitas Basic Insurance AG, we have introduced a modern solution for performance assessment. With the help of SuccessFactors Performance & Goals, Sanitas is able to identify talents at an early stage and improve employee performance.



Since the performance evaluation to date was done with Excel, Sanitas was keen to have a future-compliant and reliable solution. The purpose of a modern performance-appraisal system is to put the right people in the right position, improve the identification of strengths and nurture potential from an early stage. 

Solution from HR Campus

With SuccessFactors Performance & Goals, Sanitas has opted for a modern solution for appraising performance. SuccessFactors Performance & Goals guarantees constant coordination between strategy and objectives, improves employee performance and identifies talent with precision. With this project, Sanitas has successfully taken the first step towards HR digitisation.


  • Company: Sanitas Grundversicherung AG
  • Sector: Health insurance
  • Employees: approx. 900
  • Products: SuccessFactors Performance & Goals, Succession & Development
  • Special features: As a result of a previous pilot project, those involved in the project were very familiar with the system and the requirements were very clearly formulated.

Published: 19. December 2017

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