Repower AG

Repower AG

With digital HR assistant ‘Sophie’, this innovative Graubünden-based energy service provider is employing innovative solutions in HR. The chatbot supports managers as well as team members.

Repower AG


As an energy provider in the mountainous canton of Graubünden, Repower AG is used to special challenges and finding creative solutions. This solution-orientated approach and their drive for new, innovative solutions is deeply anchored in the company’s DNA and even defines their HR. One challenge facing the HR department was the availability and integration of thematically and geographically different teams in more and more digitised HR processes. In this regard, the company became aware of the ‘Sophie’ HR chatbot, and - after a short period of searching - came up with a plan to introduce ‘Sophie’.


While the creative part of the search period saw around ten potential processes being discussed for Sophie, two processes were chosen in the first implementation phase: Providing information, encompassing the practical application of theoretically learned knowledge by the team leader, as well as birthday reminders, which remind the team leaders of birthdays.

The existing Umantis system, including event management, was used as the basis for data. ‘Sophie’ is available to team members via the Microsoft Teams app store and is ready to use in team chats at any time after an initial registration. The chatbot will proactively contact employees at the set time. After a successful roll-out in June 2020, further processes will be implemented with ‘Sophie’ in autumn of this year.


As part of a co-creation with an agile approach, Repower and HR Campus teamed up with software partner rhyno solutions to develop the two initial processes. After a concept workshop in December of 2019, the functions were finally implemented, tested and rapidly introduced in May and June 2020.


Company: Repower AG

Industry: Energy

Employees: 555 in Switzerland and Italy

Product: Sophie

Published: 7. July 2020

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