NRC – Norwegian Refugee Council

NRC – Norwegian Refugee Council

NRC Geneva is modernising expenses processes for its employees using expenses tool Edi.

NRC – Norwegian Refugee Council


NRC Geneva was looking for a digitised expenses solution for a multitude of reasons. Using time effectively and environmental concerns were top priorities. They wanted to streamline the expenses process and make expenses administration as paperless as possible. In Edi, NRC found an answer to volatile developments in the high-tech sector. It is now riding the wave of digitisation with a modern, innovative expenses solution.


Employees can now submit all their expenses digitally and effortlessly in compliance with internal guidelines. Receipts can be logged from any location in just a few clicks. The system also reads receipts in foreign languages. By introducing Edi, the whole expenses process has been streamlined and made more intuitive for HR as well as employees. Today, the finance department and team leaders are provided with a clear list of expenses in real time. Employees’ administrative workloads have also been reduced significantly.


Company: Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC Geneva)

Industry: Humanitarian INGO

Employees: 50

Product: Expense tool Edi

Published: 19. February 2021

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