Evatec AG

Evatec AG

After Evatec AG’s successful SAP Concur rollout, employees in China, Taiwan and Germany can now conveniently and easily file their expenses.

Evatec AG


Evatec AG implemented SAP Concur Travel in Switzerland and SAP Concur Expense in Switzerland, Malaysia and Singapore in 2017. In 2018, demand arose for a modern travel and expenses management solution in China, Taiwan and Germany.


SAP Concur was rolled out to the three additional countries. Specifically, we mastered the SAP Concur Expense rollout to China, Taiwan and Germany and the SAP Concur Travel rollout to Germany.

The aim of this additional rollout was to follow a global approach and form harmonised and standardised processes in Concur. Country-specific adjustments necessary due to statutory requirements were equally taken into consideration in the configuration. By implementing individual daily rate rules to comply with Evatec expenses guidelines, the right rates can now be automatically calculated for each travel destination and trip duration via the form.


The project with Evatec AG was promising. Thanks to fast decision making, changes were implemented quickly and the project was able to be completed in the shortest time.


Published: 19. June 2019

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