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A cloud-based SuccessFactors starter package for your succession planning!


Easy2Succession&Development is the perfect cloud-based starter package for successful succession planning for your company. The identification of key positions and any gaps in the sequence chain can be efficiently visualized by means of modern dashboards and attractive organizational charts. In addition to the nomination of potentially suitable successors, appropriate development measures for these individuals can also be planned. This ensures you have active and transparent succession planning for your company.


  • Identification and management of key positions and persons
  • Self-services for employees and managers to update relevant talent information
  • Calibration of employee evaluations to guarantee equal treatment
  • Options for the graphical comparison of talent data across team borders
  • Company-wide talent searching
  • Management of individual development and career plans


Easy2Succession&Development gives you the following preconfigured process for succession planning:

Our Easy2Succession&Development starter package provides you with:

  • A proven implementation methodology
  • A central point of contact at HR Campus
  • A guided discovery workshop including detailed documents
  • System-administrator training including detailed guides
  • Documentation of the system configuration
  • Technical support for the migration process, including migration file(s)
  • Best-practice test cases
  • Best-practice cutover plan for a successful go-live

Prerequisites, or what you need to contribute:

  • Nomination of a system administrator
  • Willingness to standardize and consolidate existing succession processes
  • Sufficient resources to explore, accept and test the solution.
  • In-house “go” for the introduction of a cloud solution

Fancy a demo?

Tobias Mecke will be pleased to hear from you and answer your questions.


  • Complete basic configuration for the entire succession-planning process
  • Attractive package and licence costs
  • 100% cloud technology
  • Mobile solution
  • Short implementation time – ready to use from day one
  • Continuous innovation thanks to quarterly releases
  • Central point of contact at HR Campus
  • Guided workshops and training, including guides and documentation

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