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Haufe Talent Management

Haufe Talent Management

With Haufe Talent Management, you can reproduce all relevant talent management processes digitally. Identify, enable and motivate your talent with the following modules: applicant management, onboarding, target setting, remuneration, personal development, succession planning and event management LMS.

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Why Haufe Talent Management?

  • Holistic talent management approach

  • Modular, integrated system

  • Customisable profiles and processes

  • Implementation of adjustments directly by HR

  • Ease of work thanks to workflows and delegations

  • Modern design and user interface

  • Fast implementation

  • Data storage in Switzerland

An adjustable solution for all processes

The Haufe Talent Management solution offers you and the people within your organisation the scope and freedom you need to forge ahead and bring new ideas to life. And successfully lead your company into the future. You decide in which areas you want to digitise processes. We provide you with the perfect module to let your talent flourish and unfurl within your company in the long term.

The Haufe Talent management modules in detail

Applicant management

Find the people that suit you. The Haufe applicant management module makes things as simple as possible for you – from request to approval to job posting. So you have more time for personal contact with applicants and can attract top candidates to your company.

  • Digital application process
  • Superiors & team are involved directly
  • Simple job ads
  • Communication templates and contractual documents can be created directly in the tool
  • Data protection is ensured at all times

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With our onboarding solution you get the perfect tool to stay in close contact with your employees from the moment the contract is signed and to train them individually and gradually. Show your desired candidate appreciation right from the start thanks to personal support - even before the first day at work. In this way, thoughts of dismissal before the first day of work will not even arise. The onboarding solution can be used via the app or the (mobile) website.

  • Digital mapping of onboarding processes
  • Appreciative use of communication
  • Targeted cultural integration
  • Individual professional training

Setting targets

Motivate your staff and support the success of your business using targets. You can use the target module from Haufe to improve the process you use for your employee appraisals and provide support for your team members, managers and HR team.

  • Involve employees in setting targets
  • Create individual goals as well as departmental and company targets
  • Transparency for HR, line, management and employees
  • 360° feedback & making feedback visible

Personal development

Employees are your most important assets. Get the best out of them by systematically developing the skills of the people within your business. With the personal development module, you can purposefully support this process and suitably support your culture efficiently and innovatively. A high level of employee satisfaction ensures the success of your company and makes innovation possible.

  • Transparency regarding relevant skills
  • Creating skill lists
  • Overview of required development
  • Individual development plans
  • Systematic promotion of specialist skills
  • Access to internal & external training content

Learning management

Lifelong learning needs professional software support. Successful learning and event management promotes a desire for training within the company. With the Haufe learning management module, you can professionally reproduce and manage the process from logging demand to advertising and contact to follow-up work. 

  • Internal & external training content & individual eLearning
  • Integrated learning management process
  • Complete transparency regarding certificates, access and KPIs
  • External event calendar


Want more transparency and an overview of your salary and bonus rounds? With the Haufe remuneration module, you not only offer your employees a fair wage but also have access to various evaluation options alongside complete budget control.

  • Easy connection to your existing payroll system
  • Transparency across all departments with simple calibration
  • Personal assistant for all those involved
  • Flexibly adjustable & intelligent remuneration schematic

Succession planning

Career planning shows your employees possible career paths and options for professional development. With the succession planning module from Haufe, you can successfully fill all key positions, ensuring cover for key roles and promoting high-potential team members in a targeted manner.

  • Systematic talent pools and internal job market
  • Focussing on key positions
  • Making staff risks transparent & actively reducing these risks
  • Systematic promotion in specialist & management careers
  • Talent pools for various potential holders

Reporting and analytics

Facts and figures as well as the analysis and visualisation of data are increasing in importance in recruitment as well as talent management. The HR processes shown within Haufe Talent Management offer plenty of potential for valuable knowledge when dealing with future and existing members of staff.

  • Ad hoc exports of applications, roles, employees
  • Automatic exports, which can be delivered to a third party system (reporting tool)
  • Various dashboards in Haufe Talent Management Standard (all modules)
  • Development and linking of your own statistics & dashboards
  • Connection of web tracking in applicant management
  • Data import

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Haufe Talent Management Add-Ons

This innovative interface solution understands the languages of both applications and allows you to exchange data between the two systems. As soon as you have decided on a candidate, he/she will receive a Web-based personnel questionnaire from Haufe-umantis. He/she will then fill in all information relevant for the joining the company in SAP, such as bank details, pension-insurance number, family members, etc. All applicant information is then transmitted to SAP HCM by means of intelligent export functions. There, they are included as a default values in the recruitment action. This interface therefore provides you with a simple data processing and maximum flexibility.

Online interface

Applicant data is transmitted online to SAP HCM so that your HR processes seamlessly blend into one another and do not result in inefficient waiting times.

User administration in SAP HCM

Manage your user data in a single central location – your SAP HCM system. From there, the recruiter’s user data is automatically transferred to Haufe Talent Management via the SAP–Haufe operating-module interface. You decide for yourself which user data is relevant for Haufe Talent Management and can conveniently limit the data export to various user groups.


The SAP–Haufe operating-module interface is available as of release ECC 6.0. In addition, Internet-based communication must be established between SAP HCM and the Haufe-umantis server.

This intelligent interface solution understands the languages of both applications and includes a large predefined set of data to be transmitted, which can be supplemented and adjusted specifically for each customer. All fields used in Haufe Talent Management are predefined in the interface and can be individually controlled. Intelligent matching tables allow not only a 1:1 transfer of data but also data conversion or the consolidation of multiple source fields from SAP (e.g., first name, surname) into a combined data field in Haufe Talent Management. The interface thus gives you the flexibility you need to be able to use the SAP data optimally in Haufe Talent Management. Furthermore, calculations can also be carried out directly in the interface, which is often necessary in the area of ​​the salary data, such as to convert a monthly to an annual value. The data export can be restricted to a wide range of populations by using different selection options.

Tailored authorization

One particular highlight is the authorization control, which makes it possible to control all Haufe-umantis authorizations directly from SAP HCM. This considerably simplifies user administration and gives you the option of being able to control access to sensitive HR data from a central system.

Organizational structures

To ensure that the management structures are also always up to date in Haufe Talent Management, the Campus-SAP–Haufe interface also has an OM export, which makes it possible to convert the entire organizational management into the departmental structures known in Haufe Talent Management and to export them.


The Campus-SAP–Haufe MM Interface is available as of Release ECC 6.0.

This platform-independent interface solution can send data extracts from all possible systems to Haufe Talent Management via SOAP web services or receive exports from Haufe Talent Management. For this purpose, the exporting system must provide the data in predefined XML, XLS or ZIP file structures, which are transmitted by the Haufe Data Manager at specific times. The Haufe Data Manager cannot create data extracts. The Data Manager does not need access to the source systems, it merely transports the data. Securely connected to Open SSL and reliably traceable by a logging function and if necessary with the archiving function of the transmitted data. Both Haufe-umantis-hosted and in-house solutions are supported.

Data conversion

umantis always expects files in the UTF-8 format. Not all export programs can export this format. The Data Manager can convert virtually any data format to UTF-8 without temporary storage during transmission.

Installation and configuration

The umantis Data Manager can easily be extracted into the required directory and is immediately ready for use. The configuration is easily done using the command-line file in BAT, CMD or SH format.


The HR Campus umantis Data Manager requires Internet access (also supports proxy systems) and access to the files to be sent. Currently, the Data Manager can be used on all common Windows systems, Unix, Linux and Sun Solaris.

Haufe Talent Management Success Storys

Männedorf Hospital

Männedorf Hospital

Männedorf Hospital excels with its skilled and friendly HR. Employees and managers benefit from an innovative employee appraisal process.


Stadt Kloten

Stadt Kloten

Stadt Kloten relies on modern employee assessment. Agile performance management, innovative personnel development and a internal cultural change are the result.


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