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Stadt Kloten

Stadt Kloten relies on modern employee assessment. Agile performance management, innovative personnel development and a internal cultural change are the result.

Stadt Kloten


The City of Kloten’s appraisal process was previously seen as a dated yet mandatory exercise as it entailed a retrospective assessment. It also created a huge administrative workload and only supported the company’s vision to a limited extent. The City of Kloten’s aim was to be able to optimise the employee appraisal process as well as make it forward-looking and digital. In addition, the ‘Kloten connects: people – places – potential’ vision should be brought to life through the process change, sparking a cultural shift.


One reason why the City of Kloten chose HR Campus and ‘Umantis Talent Management’ software was this co-creative approach to the project. The aim was to involve 10% of staff at the beginning to ensure a high level of acceptance for the new process and the software. At the same time, involvement of the Vision 2030 was to spark a cultural shift. Change management was, therefore, a major component of the project. The project began with a large group workshop where the fundamental values for a process and system design were established. For example, the discussion included the question of ‘do we want scaled scoring or not?’ Finally, the staff attended design workshops to further refine and adjust the process as well as system prototypes. After three workshops, the final ‘Kompass’ process, supported by the software, was ready. This cooperatively developed ‘Kompass’ is now leading the City of Kloten towards its Vision 2030.


Many of those involved were sceptical of the co-creative approach to begin with. It takes courage to not know what the end result will be, and how employees will react in the workshops. But two things became clear: firstly, that the staff were convinced by the process and all the changes before the roll-out, so that the employee appraisal is now perceived as a meaningful management tool; and secondly, that this project really has sparked and promoted a cultural shift.


Company: Stadt Kloten

Industry: Public administration

Employees: 500


Published: 8. May 2020

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