Männedorf Hospital

Männedorf Hospital

Männedorf Hospital excels with its skilled and friendly HR. Employees and managers benefit from an innovative employee appraisal process.

Männedorf Hospital


Männedorf Hospital carried out the digitalisation of its important HR processes early on and introduced the electronic applicant management system in 2013. Since 2016, the hospital has been successfully working with an event management module by Umantis and has managed almost 8000 course registrations so far. The next challenge was to establish a tool for the performance management process (employee appraisals & human resource development) that reflected the varying requirements of the workforce.


By developing a wide range of employee appraisal requirements, HR management has established a basis for a generally high level of acceptance in the performance management process. In addition to the traditional employee appraisal (with assessment scales for goals and competencies), it also includes an “Employee appraisal light” and “Guidelines for older employees”. “EA light” takes the form of a dialogue, without a scale, which is recorded in prose. The focus of the latter is not potential and career development; in addition to an active exchange, it involves thinking about the period of your professional life that leads through to retirement. Feedback to superiors is an integral part of all three appraisal formats.


The innovative and flexible design of the EA process has created significant added value for both the company and the HR department. The quality of the appraisals, their content and the benefits have thus been significantly enhanced by a digital tool.


Company: Männedorf Hospital

Sector: healthcare

Employees: 900

Implemented Products:

Umantis Talent management

  • Event management / learning management – incl. interface to SAP
  • Performance management & human resources development – incl. interface to SAP

Umantis Applicant management


Published: 8. October 2019

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