Radancy's Employee Referrals

Radancy's Employee Referrals

Firstbird is now Radancy's Employee Referrals. Attract premium talents through digital employee referrals. Powered by our cloud-based Talent Acquisition Platform, Radancy's Employee Referrals program helps you leverage your employee networks to reach better talent and attract top-notch candidates for hard-to-fill roles. By seamlessly integrating with your work processes, you'll reach better talent faster than ever before and make connections that count.

Why Radancy's Employee Referrals?

  • Digital employees-recruit-employees programme

  • Transparent recommendation tracking

  • Cultural fit of recommended candidates

  • Points system for individual premiums

  • Seamless integration into the recruitment process

Simple programme for employee referral process

As soon as you publish a job, the opening appears on the job dashboard. Radancy's Employee Referrals compares your jobs with your staff’s interests, specialities and locations. Employees then receive an automated email or app notification about job openings that may interest them. Your staff can then actively share the jobs in their social networks. It’s also possible to directly refer suitable candidates and enter valuable additional information such as the reason for referral.

Incoming applications are automatically exported to your recruitment software and you therefore receive applications that correspond to your corporate culture and professional requirements directly. In the meantime, your employees have up-to-date information about the recommended candidates' current status at all times.

Transparent job and referral tracking

With Radancy, you won’t lose track of any referrals. Thanks to personalised recommendation links, you know at any given time who recommended the applicants. In turn, employees see the status of each recommendation and the points they have collected on their dashboard and can redeem these directly in the bonus shop.

For each job, HR gains an insight into how often it has been shared and how many recommendations have been received. Clearly comprehensible statistics show which networks are performing, which employees are most active and how many potential applicants you are reaching.

Points system 

Through Radancy's Employee Referrals program, your employees earn points for each activity. These points can be used for appreciative incentives. This ensures that engagement remains high and you continue to enjoy plenty of visibility on social media, making employer branding automatic.

The reward store offers complete flexibility. You can define a selection of rewards. Your employees can then redeem their points for the rewards they want. With custom rewards and monetary bonuses, you’ll show appreciation as well as motivate staff to submit referrals in future.

Seamless integration into your recruitment process

Radancy's Employee Referrals program can be integrated seamlessly into your recruitment process. The solution has more than 40 integrations (including SAP SuccessFactors and Umantis) with applicant management systems. It also works independently without connection.

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