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Successful digitisation of HR

5 tips on how to successfully digitise your HR

Successful digitisation of HR

Everyone is talking about digitisation. According to Google searches, the concept is absolutely and increasingly on trend. Digitisation was even a topic at the World Economic Forum in January. But how does one digitise? Here are our 5 tips summarizing how to digitise your HR successfully and efficiently.

1. Develop a vision

As an old Japanese proverb says: “A vision without action is a daydream; action without vision is a nightmare.” Develop a picture of where you want to go. Show what your HR department should look like after successfully completing the digitisation.

2. Convince the top management

The digitisation of the HR department is not a top priority for many companies. Make it one! Show the added value that such a project can bring. Do the sums for the business case and present a roadmap for digitisation. Get the top management on board.

3. Get the employees alongside you

Be aware that the process of digitisation will be accompanied by great change. For employees, it is worrying see that the idea is for their work to be taken over by software in the future. What will be left for them to do if a chatbot takes over part of the administrative work? Work with team members on the HR department’s vision of the roles they will take after digitisation and how they can evolve toward them.

4. Build a team with IT and HR

HR digitisation will be successful if HR and IT develop a joint plan and pull in the same direction. This also helps convince the top management.

5. Begin!

Make a start. You don't have to introduce all systems at once. You might start with the document-management system or a tool for producing job references, then you carry on step by step.


Let our HR Strategies team accompany your path to a digital HR world. Our experts work with you to develop a vision, produce a digitisation roadmap with HR and IT, compile a basis for decision-making, including benefit analyses, and accompany you in the change process.

Published: 11. February 2019

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