While the HR team at SIX was burdened with additional work, our HR Community was able to bridge the gap and help the team.



In 2018, the strategic integration of a business unit into the French company Worldline resulted in an extraordinary additional workload for the SIX HR team, which had to be bridged quickly and at short notice.


HR Campus provided two people who were able to take over the following tasks immediately:

  • Restructuring and support during the reorganisation process including mapping in SAP SuccessFactors
  • Europe-wide training of employees in the new process flows
  • Introduction of expert know-how regarding the increase of data quality
  • Simplification of the mapped system processes and workflows
  • Training of new employees of the HR system team in SAP SuccessFactors


The external specialists from HR Campus were able to quickly familiarize themselves with the system architecture and effectively support the day-to-day business and the parallel organizational adjustments. An important success factor was the very pleasant and competent cooperation on both sides. SIX was open to ideas and suggestions for process and system improvements and implemented them promptly. Thanks to the operational support of HR Campus and the process redesign, daily support can be provided more quickly.


  • Company: SIX
  • Industry: Finance
  • Employee: 2500
  • Services: HR People

Published: 27. November 2019

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