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JURA Materials

Step-by-step digitalisation: success through modular HR systems

JURA Materials

JURA Materials was looking for a cloud-based solution so that it could manage its HR processes on a flexible and location-independent basis. A discontinued system, manual processes in Word and Excel and employees in the factories who had no access to a laptop presented the company with major challenges. Find out in this Success Story how JURA Materials mastered these challenges with SAP SuccessFactors and UKG and the impressive results that were the outcome.



The JURA Materials-Gruppe, consisting of 14 Swiss companies in the construction materials industry, was faced with the challenge of introducing a central HR system for its 500 employees at 30 different sites. The existing solution had been discontinued, and many of its processes and forms were Excel-based. The aim was to harmonise, optimise, digitalise and finally automate the employee master data and the talent processes. Since the majority of employees had no access to a laptop or PC because of their work in the factories, the HR system also had to be accessible by smartphone at all times.

Solution and project approach

SAP SuccessFactors and UKG cloud software proved to be the ideal solution for the JURA Materials-Gruppe. These software's modular structure allows step-by-step digitalisation of different areas of HR. The individual projects were implemented in accordance with the proven HR Campus project approach. Rather than starting from scratch, we used our established best-practice configuration. 

We started by implementing SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central including Time Off and Payroll, which formed the basis for the HR master data and payroll systems and laid the foundations for additional SAP SuccessFactors modules. The Time Tracking module was then introduced almost seamlessly as a time-recording tool, followed by Module Performance & Goals to digitalise employee appraisals. The introduction of the Recruiting and Compensation modules will follow as next steps in order to further extend the SAP SuccessFactors HR Suite. In addition to the SuccessFactors modules, UKG Document Manager was also introduced and the physical personnel files digitalised.


SAP SuccessFactors offers the JURA Materials-Gruppe an integrated reporting tool across all modules which enables meaningful analyses and makes them accessible to the desired target group. The modular structure enables the employees and managers as well as the HR department to benefit from synergies within a system and thereby create continuous processes. Thanks to SAP SuccessFactors Mobile App, employees can complete their HR processes by smartphone at any time and from anywhere. In addition, all personnel dossiers are quickly and easily accessible in digital form thanks to the UKG Document Manager.

«In HR Campus, we had a highly competent partner who worked very closely with us», says Jasmin Hochstrasser, Head HR Services with the JURA Materials-Gruppe. She emphasises the advantages of the new solution, with which the entire employee journey can now be mapped. One factor that was particularly appreciated was that a contact from HR Campus was available for consultation at all times. This made a major contribution to each project being completed promptly and successfully. Another crucial factor in the project's success was that other people apart from HR employees were involved at an early stage, such as managers and employees from the different sites and corporate units.


Company: JURA Materials-Gruppe

Sector: Construction industry

Employees: 500

Number of sites: 30

Product: SAP SuccessFactors HR Suite and UKG

Modules: Employee Central, Employee Central Payroll, Time Tracking, Performance & Goals, Recruiting, Compensation, UKG Document Manager

Published: 11. June 2024

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