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Can your travel and expense processes keep up with global dynamics?

Do you know…

  • How much you spend worldwide for business travel and expense?
  • How much time passes in your company from booking the travel, through the submission of the expense claim to payment?
  • Whether your expense regulations are really being applied?
  • Where your employees are in the event of a crisis? And can you be sure to get in touch with them all quickly?

HR Campus helps you to modernize your travel and expense management with Concur so that you can say “yes” to all these questions.

You always know how much you are spend on business travel worldwide because your data converges in real time at your headquarters. Managers and the back office always know what costs are incurred where, and who is travelling where.

With Concur, it’s child’s play for the traveller to book business trips by smartphone, tablet or computer within the travel guidelines of his or her company.

State-of-the-art tools allow risk managers to locate all employees worldwide and get in touch with them quickly if necessary.

Settlements are done by mobile phone with minimal effort. Card transactions are automatically allocated.

Concur makes room for you to look after important matters, such as networking with your contacts.

Why HR Campus?

You can rely on our certified team of specialists. Take advantage of our experience of procurement, business-travel management, integration, HR, finance and development.  We work with you to develop an individual business case, analyse your regulations and modernize your travel and expense management. Join the world's largest travel and expense network and focus on the important things in life.

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Published: 5. December 2017

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