8 Reasons in Support of Clone and Test

8 Reasons in Support of Clone and Test

Find out why Clone & Test is a reliable solution for realistic test or training systems in SAP HCM.

8 Reasons in Support of Clone and Test

Clone and Test allows you generate test and quality assurance environments based on real master and billing data from a productive SAP ERP HCM system. The data can be copied securely and flexibly and can be made anonymous in the process. This way you can simplify regular regression tests required for quality assurance, improve data quality, and provide effective training environments. Keep reading to find out why Clone and Test simplifies your life:

1.   Reliability and security

Users can only copy the data that their user profile is authorised to access. By making the data anonymous, confidential personal data are made illegible. This way, no information can be traced back to the original person.

2.   Greater efficiency

The great amount of time spent to create realistic test cases manually are done away with. Especially when it comes to regression tests, the regular repetition of test runs can be managed more efficiently.

3.   Consistently high data quality

Benefit from the powerful comparison features that present any deviations between the source and target system in a clear overview.

4.   Greater flexibility

Copy and compare data within an SAP system, between different clients of one system, or between different SAP ERP releases.

5.   Automation and acceleration of data processing

You can copy virtually all hr-data including customer-specific tables from SAP ERP HCM.

6. More flexibility

Copy and compare data either within the same client or between different clients of a system, or between different SAP ERP releases.

7.   Easy to handle

The software is easy to run. The intuitive user interface and numerous customisation options make it very user friendly.

8.   Optimisation of migrations and upgrades

Avoid down-times by means of simple copying and converting of data from different source systems into a new, uniform system.

Have we piqued your interest? Then do not hesitate to contact us and get to know the market-leading tool that allows companies to quickly copy and anonymise HCM data. Increase your quality and efficiency in personnel data management and develop further to become a high-performance company. We will help you achieve that.

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Published: 11. November 2019

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