Travel and Expense Management Check

Travel and Expense Management Check

How do you perform with your travel and expense management? We'll check it out for you - in a two-hour workshop.

Travel and Expense Management Check

In an increasingly globalized world, spending on business travel is increasing. Many companies are losing track and control of their costs. Modern companies therefore use professional partners, lean processes and intelligent tools to meet these challenges. With our two-hour workshop we help you to get one step closer to this goal.

HR Campus invites you to a two-hour workshop in the area of travel and expense management. We will be happy to analyse your current processes individually with you, make an inventory and show you how and where you have room for improvement.


Using a clearly defined methodology, we will benchmark the status quo to the best practices on the market. This will take into consideration the dimensions of organization, compliance, processes, tools and ecosystem in travel and expense management. You can benefit from experience from more than 100 projects in the area. The data will be recorded anonymously, and the evaluation will be available straight after the workshop.

Expected result

After the workshop, you will understand in which areas you are already a top performer and where we see potential for development. Initial actions and suggestions for improvement will also be made available in a summarized form.


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Contact us

Make an appointment today for the two-hour workshop or contact Marvin Enzner for further questions.


  • Holistic analysis of your travel and expense management
  • Demonstration of your existing optimization potential
  • Elaboration of a detailed analysis of the actual situation of various dimensions
  • Receiving initial suggestions for improvement including measures during the work
  • Results directly after the workshop

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