Performance management – co-creative introduction

Performance management – co-creative introduction

Shape your performance management process co-creatively

Performance management – co-creative introduction

Would you like to have agile performance management that fits with your corporate values and vision? Should your employees be able to develop while, at the same time, the introduction process makes an effective contribution to transforming your corporate culture? We keep you company on this co-creative performance management journey.

How we work

We design the performance management process in conjunction with your employees, based on your corporate visions and values, so that from the very start performance management enjoys a high level of acceptance even before it is rolled out. We follow the procedure below: First we conduct performance management and change training with you and your core team. This forms the basis for the next stage. The new performance management processes and acceptance thereof is devised during a workshop with 5 to 10% of your employees. Finally, the new performance management framework design is accepted by us in writing and accepted by you as validation.

Customer example

In the case of a customer from the entertainment sector, we had to introduce new performance management in conjunction with management and employees. In order to coordinate this ideally with the company-specific vision and values, the latter were initially discussed with management. Employees were then included in order to validate the defined values and to gain an initial impression of the values which are already being embodied. The outcome of these discussions then formed the basis for joint preparation of a new performance management framework. This was also devised as part of a co-creative process using our workshops and input. This ensured that the customer defined a framework perfectly tailored to the business, its aims and its values.

How can we accompany you?

Robin Stahel is looking forward to hearing from you and answering your questions.


How you benefit

  • Trained core team
  • New, validated and agile performance management process
  • Enthusiastic employees who understand the culture and values

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