OKR introduction

OKR introduction

Help your employees to become ready for change and innovation

OKR introduction

Get your company ready to overcome the challenges of constant change and innovation with focus and purpose. Involve your employees so that they can connect with the purpose and corporate vision in their daily work.

How we work

We design a suitable OKR framework based on your corporate vision according to the following procedure: First, your core team receives OKR and change training. The pilot introduction organisation is then defined and an OKR start framework is detailed. After everything has been set up, the first OKR cycle is implemented in conjunction with the OKR coach. This means we support you throughout the whole cycle: at the start, when training participants and during implementation. The first cycle is usually conducted with 3–10 pilot teams. A joint review is carried out after the first cycle has been completed. If we have been able to convince you of the OKR framework, we help you to take the necessary steps to implement OKR more widely in your organisation.

Customer example

We had the opportunity to introduce OKR with three pilot teams for a public sector customer. We helped the customer to select the pilot team and plan and implement the whole OKR cycle. We acted as OKR coach to the customer with the aim of training team members so that they were able to conduct the second cycle independently. The pilot project was successful and was warmly received by all the participants. Following this test phase, management decided to roll out and implement OKR across the company.

How can we accompany you?

Robin Stahel is looking forward to hearing from you and answering your questions.


How you benefit

  • OKR training kit
  • Trained core and pilot teams
  • Specifically formulated OKRs for each pilot team
  • Defined procedure for further roll-out

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