Inspiring change stories

Inspiring change stories

Turn participants into fans of HR innovation

Inspiring change stories

An essential key to the success of your internal change management is integration appropriate to the target group of all your stakeholders. Professional storytelling can help you to manage perception of your HR projects with enthusiasm rather than frustration.

How we work

In the first joint workshop we demonstrate the principles and best practices of embedding change in storytelling. We also address context-specific inclusion of different stakeholders, as well as suitable communications channels. Together we define and write your inspiring change story for your HR. In the second workshop, the focus is on co-creative design of change communication and implementation of the change story into a specific communications plan. In the process we consider topics such as framing and messaging, and we define dos and don'ts. We provide you with continuous support on the change journey using check-ins and, if wished, can review your progress or help you through situational sparring.

Customer example

We had the pleasure of assisting a customer from the insurance industry with change stories and change management for a major HR digitalisation project. To do this, together we first defined all the stakeholders, their touchpoints, the potential challenges they might present, and any possible fears. This formed the basis for the change story and communications plan. Both were optimised to the needs of the stakeholder in question. Thanks to the change story, it was possible to successfully complete the HR digitalisation process and achieve a high level of employee acceptance with regular touchpoints and input.

Stephanie Bender is looking forward to hearing from you and answering your questions.

How you benefit

  • HR storytelling toolkit
  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Change story and communications plan
  • Stakeholders who love, rather than just tolerate, your HR innovation

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