HR vision and strategy

HR vision and strategy

Gear your HR strategy to your corporate vision

HR vision and strategy

A shared target vision encapsulates meaning and motivates us. It is important to have a common understanding of where you want your journey to take you, both in HR and the company. Where should resources be committed, which areas should be digitalised, which topics should be addressed?

How we work

During the first workshop, we specify the common framework and decide where your HR is now and where you want it to be. This is based on market trends and your company's vision, values and strategy. At a second workshop, we define what the "happy future" of your HR looks like and develop your HR vision and strategy.

Customer example

Strategy development processes are as individual as tastes in fashion. One experiences it "bottom up", the other "top down". This is why we shape the processes individually with our customers:

A major hospital HR department was faced with the challenge of setting its HR direction before the company did so. We initially developed an HR vision and strategy with the management team in several workshops. We took the results of an employee survey that reflected current HR trends as a basis. As the individual HR teams had reached very different points, the global HR strategy was broken down to the individual teams during subsequent workshops. The initiatives were regularly reviewed and adjusted in order to embed the strategy.

How can we accompany you?

Philippe Dutkiewicz is looking forward to hearing from you and answering your questions.

How you benefit

  • A motivating HR vision
  • An effective HR strategy
  • Mapping of strategic stakeholders

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