HR digitalisation journey

HR digitalisation journey

Put your HR IT on a sound footing

HR digitalisation journey

Has your HR system landscape expanded and are you now using several systems that don't communicate with each other? Do you work in an international setting? Or are your applications on-site, but you would like to use the Cloud? Regardless of where your HR digitalisation journey is supposed to take you or where you are currently, we can help you shed light on the tool jungle and devise a neutral strategy together with you.

How we work

First of all we establish with you the stage you are at currently and where your pain points are. In addition we deploy the HR Health Check. Location, IT and financial issues are revealed during requirement workshops. The second stage creates the "dream". At this stage we work with you on what you want and the options available along the way. In the process we define an HR strategy for centralisation or digitalisation, and highlight system, architecture and roll-out options. Finally, we help you decide on the next steps through a business case calculation and recommendations. This provides you with the optimal basis for a decision on the digitalisation strategy that best suits you.

Customer example

A global company based in Switzerland now has a decentralised HR organisation and system landscape. The national organisations would have liked more HR tools, but often this was not worthwhile for small, local companies. Headquarters, on the other hand, wanted prompt, high-quality data on employee issues. A survey was first conducted in every country to find out which HR topics are handled globally and which was the right tool for the integrated strategy. The aim of this survey was to establish the status quo, and also to understand where there was the greatest need for digitalisation. The results were discussed at a workshop involving all the countries, so that everyone obtained a common understanding of the different needs. The IT, Finance and ESG departments were involved at the same time. Three options were selected from a long list of tool options. These were then considered in greater detail and used as the basis for a decision. The advantage of this procedure was that the national countries were involved from the very outset and were not overwhelmed by a centrally procured solution.

How can we accompany you?

Esmir Davorovic is looking forward to hearing from you and answering your questions.

How you benefit

  • Identification of the pain points in the HR system landscape and processes
  • Analysis of specific national, IT and financial requirements
  • Basis for decision on a possible future system architecture
  • A roll-out roadmap
  • An overview of possible change management issues

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