FWS Job-Stress-Analysis

FWS Job-Stress-Analysis

Stress barometer for your business

FWS Job-Stress-Analysis

Do you know how your employees are feeling about stress? Take advantage of the Friendly Work Space Job-Stress Analysis to measure the stress factors in your company so you can target your interventions and take preventive action. The FWS Job-Stress Analysis is a scientifically validated online survey, tried and tested in practice, offered by the Health Promotion Switzerland Foundation. Our accredited advisors will give you professional support throughout the process: from communication with everyone involved and carrying out the survey to developing effective practical actions for implementation.

FWS Job-Stress Analysis: survey followed by action plan

Are your employees suffering from stress? How motivated are they? The best way to find out is from the employees themselves. The FWS Job-Stress Analysis from Health Promotion Switzerland gives you a detailed overview of the stress factors in your company. The online survey includes questions about pressures, factors that can relieve them (resources) and your employees' wellbeing. It yields personal health profiles with specific practical tips. And you, as the employer, receive a detailed analysis of risks or potentials in your company. We discuss the results with you in detail, and point out some initial assumptions and approaches to possible solutions. We work together to draw up an action plan aimed at reducing stress in the long term and strengthening your employees' resources.

As an employer, how do you recognise stress?

Many companies are aware that the changing world of work, enormous time pressure and ever-increasing requirements can trigger stress for their employees. But it is often difficult to identify starting points for effective interventions or preventive measures. To do this, companies need to recognise stress signals from their employees and identify the causes that lead to them. This is the only way that you, as an employer, can target your interventions and take preventive action.

Do you have any questions?

Stephanie Bender is looking forward to hearing from you and will be happy to answer your questions.

How you benefit

  • Detailed results on stress perception at company & department level
  • Sustainable action planning to improve the stress situation
  • Partial financing of CHF 3'000 by Health Promotion Switzerland is possible

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